10 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Toast

Toast is an essential part of any well-balanced breakfast. Whether you’re eating scrambled eggs or a bowl of cereal, a side dish of toast (preferably whole wheat) is always recommended. However…butter on toast is so boring and old-fashioned. Here are 10 other things you can add to your toast.

cinnamon toast

1. Cinnamon

This is a nice first step. In order to make cinnamon toast, just sprinkle cinnamon and sugar atop freshly buttered toast. If you want to be really fancy, add some raisins with a small side of vanilla icing.

egg in toast

2. Egg in Toast

Fan of eggs with your toast? Consider frying a sunny side egg inside the toast. Just cut a hole in the center of your favorite slice of bread, place it on a skillet, and then wait a minute before cracking an egg in the hole. Easy, economical and fun. Here’s a more elaborate recipe you can try.

3. Pears

Using a nice, thick slice of artisan bread, top it with ricotta, thinly slice pears, and ground cinnamon. It’s a nice way of mixing salty with sweet.

tuna on toast

4. Tuna

Low on fat and filled with protein, tuna is an easy, inexpensive topper for any slice of toast. Consider preparing the tuna with lemon juice and zest, olive oil, chopped parsley, and salt. Add some sliced hard boiled eggs for a fuller tuna salad taste.

strawberries on toast

5. Strawberries

Goat cheese can be a nice, creamy substitute for butter. Add some balsamic, edamame, and salt, with strawberries laid atop, and you have a fancy breakfast made for a queen.

figs on toast

6. Figs

There are many many toast recipes that involve figs and fig jam. However, the easiest might be sliced figs, drizzled with honey and topped with salt. Yum!

avocado toast

7. Avocados

Fan of avocados? Sprinkle flaky salt, olive oil, and another spice of your choice onto crushed avocado on toast…and you are in for a real treat! Full recipe here.

smoked salmon

8. Salmon

If you want your toast to graduate from side dish. consider topping it with smoked salmon and shaved asparagus. Held together with greek yogurt, this meal will definitely wake you up.

9. Mango

With toast, cheese and fruit is a winning combination. Consider lining some mangoes over some fresh mozzarella.Sprinkle with lime zest and sea salt and you are ready to eat!

bagna cauda

10. Bagna Cauda

If these choices seem a little too much for you, at least consider dipping your toast in bagna cauda. This italian dip is made of garlic, anchovies, olive oil, and butter. Delicious and fancy.

Obviously, we are dealing with bread here. Making toast is not an exact science. So feel free to experiment with different foods and combinations. Chances are, if it is something you’d eat, it will taste good on toast. Hopefully this article was a jumping off point.

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