10 Debunked Stories About UFO Sightings


Every human on the face of our planet is astounded whenever they are reminded how vast our infinite universe is. This thought commonly leads to the idea that there might be other civilizations existing in other planets and that we are not the only living planet. TV shows like the X files sparks this thought even more especially whenever the handsome David Duchovny searches for answers. This makes us want to believe that there is another world full of alien life form out there.

However, we are now living in a scientific era where everything could be explained by science. To establish something as a fact, the claims should undergo thorough investigation. It may really sound amazing to hear about stories of other life forms from far galaxies visiting our world. Still, there are many things that may surprise you once you find out the truth.


This encounter of Apollo 16 with a so-called UFO is accepted worldwide by clubs and communities who believe that extraterrestrial life exists. It is footage which was shot on a simple hand-held video camera which lasted for only six seconds.

However, when experts examined the picture, they found out that it was just a part of a pole that is attached to the lunar module. To remember, this is a video and what often happens when something is shot with a video is that there are instances that things are hidden in shadow and this is what happened to this strange light that is seen in the picture.

To conclude, this strange light is nothing but the external floodlight of Apollo 16 which was thought to be a peculiar light due to the shadow casted on the pole. The only outside tourist that visited a distant celestial body is the Apollo 16 and nothing else.


Way back this year, there was a video filmed by marines that shows something like a triangular space craft above one of Taliban’s camp in Asadabad, Afghanistan. People were spooked at the same time intrigued by this sighting that even nonbelievers thought that it might be a new invention which serves as a space weapon by this notorious group. There was even Analysis from reputable sources like the Daily mail that concludes that this object came from another world. It made millions wonder, especially avid UFO fans, if this is finally their solid proof that aliens exist.

It was later discovered that this is nothing but hoax created by one of the users of Youtube using CGI. It just so happened that whoever uploaded the video found a real video of a JDAM or Joint Direct Attack Munition which shows the destruction of a bomb factory somewhere in the Middle East. He found that it would be more entertaining to include aliens to it to make the world go wild about this video. The problem is that no one listened to Infowars when they proclaimed that this video is just a hoax.



There have been avid UFO fans who claim that the visits of Gods during the ancient days were just aliens from another world. Literature played its important role on instilling this thought in the minds of the readers especially Erich von Daniken’s book Chariot of the Gods which was released in 1968.

A plot that sounds so real simply stirs up reader’s imagination. The truth about this book is that most of the contents were simply invented by one of the renowned writer of mystery stories in the person of H.P Lovecraft.
H.P. Lovecraft has been known for his books that depict frightening nightmares which includes aliens who have come to the Earth which were mistaken as a god. This book is entitled The Call of Cthulhu which was released in 1921 by this author. It even sparked other literatures like the Book which is known as Morning of the Magicians. This book is supposed to be a nonfiction account about these encounters during the ancient times which were mistaken as gods ascending from heaven. This book is what is set by Von Daniken as basis for the book he published.

There is still no proof from the major scientific bodies about the authenticity of the claims of these authors. Archeology provides no proof of this while no scientific research and investigation gives light to this.


Back in 1955, there had been a famous story about the invasion of goblins in a farmhouse somewhere in Kelly, Kentucky which sparked the interest of many alien fanatics. The story goes that the farmhouse was invaded by a group of goblins which have pointed ears, glowing eyes, huge heads and was a 100 centimeters tall. The farmer fired ammunition on this goblin and only then did these creatures left. The people living in the farmhouse left the place after concluding that this was an incidence of alien invasion.

This story was debunked later when Skeptical Inquirer questioned the credibility of the witnesses who were there during the so-called invasion. First of all, it was founded that the farmer was often drunk and he might not be sober during the incident. The other eyewitness was just another spectator who wants to get publicized. Those who examined the validity of the story found out that the invasion was nothing more than the great horned owls that frequents the place and are very territorial. They fit all the descriptions provided by the drunken farmer and the witness during the incident.


Another news that shocked the world was when it was reported in The Sun, a tabloid from the UK, that a wind turbine was hit by a passing UFO which crashed somewhere in Lincolnshire and noticed strange light during the said incident in 2009. This claim was quickly proven to be nothing but a set of coincidences after a few days.

The Guardian in the UK later declared that the lights were simply fireworks lit during the birthday of a journalist. Also, the owners of the wind turbine that crashed openly expressed that the incidence is due to a bolt from the wind turbine that got lose and caused it to disintegrate. Well, that’s one good way a tabloid can make an appeal to the community by writing something that sparks interests even if it isn’t founded.


Astronauts of NASA are provided cameras each so they can document the things happening in space. Due to this, there were a lot of space footages that were documented and were said to be evidence that alien life exists.
These evidences that were in the space footages were often referred as NASA’S mysterious lights which are strange lights that were caught on camera. Astronauts even chat about these strange lights without even a bit of curiosity about it. Alien Fanatics conclude that this is their evidence that extraterrestrial life has been communicating with the US government which makes it nothing new to them.
It is important to know that this is nothing but a theory by this class and astronauts beg to differ about the matter. It was later declared that one of the strange lights that are referred often by UFO enthusiasts is nothing but a government satellite which is reflecting light from the sun. The rests are just crystals of ice on space as well as distant stars that are visible to the camera these astronauts use.
This absurd assertion of UFO enthusiasts were noticed by Mario Runco, a former Astronaut of Nasa as he declared that if in case it really exists, he would gladly tell it to the people since this discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations will make him the first in history to discover such existence. He even said that he wouldn’t keep that a secret if that’s the case.


The most common kind of alien we all know is the gray aliens. This is due to the many shows that depict them like the X-files. The story, of course has another story behind. This is when Barney Hill who claims that she was abducted by aliens said that he saw gray aliens when she was in hypnosis. This occurred on 1961 and declared it 3 years after the incidence. After this claim, it became part of alien enthusiast’s belief that aliens truly abduct individuals on earth.

The Skeptical Inquirer noticed a few flaws in Barney Hill’s account of his abduction. The first is that he only described how the aliens looked like during his hypnosis on 1964. One of the writers of Skeptical Inquirer noticed that the 12 days before the hypnosis occurred, it was said that “Bellero shield” was aired which featured the aliens like Barney Hill’s alien abductors. Almost everything was similar to the show especially when Hill claimed that the aliens communicated in the eyes which happened in the show.

It seems that this wasn’t really an encounter with extra-terrestrials but simply Barney Hill’s subconscious recalling the show he watched weeks before the hypnosis occurred.


There has been an incident in 1561 when those living in Nuremberg are said to see lights battling on the sky, it is said that a woodcutter by the name of Hans Glaser documented this in of his woodcuts. The battle resembled something like what happened during the medieval era. He depicted red balls being tossed in the sky and these unusual sights shocked the residents.

It is important to understand that woodcuts differ a lot from photographs when it comes to key aspects. In this case, it is important to remember that woodcuts depict mostly things that require intervention of higher power. When we speak of Glaser’s work, we should also remember that he made other woodcuts that were scientifically impossible.

Furthermore, the scene depicted more of an event called sun dog which is an effect created by ice crystals reflected by the sun in the upper atmosphere. The woodcutter just added other elements to make his works catchier.


Fighters during the Second World War claimed that they saw strange objects in the sky. These were reported as glowing balls which were first presumed to be another weapon by the Nazi. However, alien fanatics today consider this as UFO sightings back then.

The simple explanation to this incident is a ball lightning that normally occurs at about 400 kilometers above land where the pilots reported to see this strange glowing ball of light. The activity of these ball lightnings is odd which the reason why the pilots found it mysterious is. The description provided by these pilots are exactly what best describes ball lightning.

What really occurred can be explained by science. The encounter occurred at 400 kilometers above ground and was simply caused by a kind of lightning called ball lightning. It behaves in an odd manner compared to the other lightnings that occur. The description these pilots gave is a lot similar with the ball lightning that occurs in this level of atmosphere.


There had been a report in Washington DC is being invaded by aliens in the year of 1952 when radar screen showed what seems to be multiple UFO in their radar screen. Air traffic officials reported this occurrence and the only answer from the nearby aircraft is that it saw 6 streaks of light in the sky.
This occurred again the week later which even intercepted with the jet signals. Once again, there were lights that were reported to be flying pass aircrafts.

This became national news since this seems to be a valid claim when the whole world believes that the only things that may do this are UFOs.
It was later founded that this occurred simply by temperature inversion which occurs when there is cold air trapped underneath another layer of warm air which provides false data to the radar screens. This layer also reflects light from the ground lights which are visible to those aboard an aircraft. The summer that year made it a perfect time for this occurrence to happen.

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