10 Most Disturbing Serial Killers from Around the World

There are people born to become monsters and this is a shocking fact that is proven by the likes of Ted Bundy, who himself had once said he felt like a vampire. He was human but he didn’t act like one. These serial killers seem to lack whatever it is that makes the rest of us act humane.

10. The Suicide Website Murderer

It is true that the internet provides us with easy access to information, from good to not so endearing information. For example, there are Japanese who perform some kind of ritual where they use the web to form suicide pacts. After gathering these people who share the same psychological disorder, they meet up and perform the act. It’s a distressing movement, and these disturbed people are perfect targets for monsters like Hiroshi Maeue.

Maeue suffers from paraphillic psychosexual disorder, meaning he kills people and his preferred method of sexual gratification was by choking others. Between 1988 and 2005, Maeue tried to strangle five people, but was only sentenced and served light jail time. These horrifying attempts were even considered as his test or practice. As the internet suicide pacts increased its popularity, Maeue started hunting people and his group online.

The first victim he sought after was 25-year-old Michiko Nagamoto. Maeue’s style was sending her multiple emails encouraging her to commit suicide with him. He told Nagamoto to sit with him in his car and breathe in fumes from burning charcoal. Nagamoto agreed to the sick invitation, but when she met up with Maeue, he tied her up killed her through suffocation. When later asked why he did it, Maeue’s response was he wanted to see and witness a face in agony.

Maeue’s next pry was a 14-year-old boy student. Every time he invites people to go into his satanic act, he promises his victim they will die peacefully together. However, as they show up thinking they would do the ritual that inevitable happens, they are instead murdered. After killing his subjects, Maeue hides the bodies in the mountains or a nearby dam. Once he is done throwing the bodies, he goes back home and watches the recordings of his vicious acts. In 2009, Maeue was apprehended before he could claim another victim. He was executed by hanging in the same year.

9. The Sunday Morning Slasher

In 1981, Houston Texas was considered to be a bad place to be in. The reason behind it was because the city had been known on the dubious distinction of leading the nation in over 700 homicide cases. It was also known that when Carl Eugene Watts moved into town, things got worse.

Prior his Houston murder spree, Watts was the prime suspect in the 1980 murders of three Ann Arbor women in Michigan, but authorities didn’t have enough evidence to convict known criminal “Sunday Morning Slasher.” The only thing they can do is to warn the Houston Police to get ready and be watchful on Watts.

As Watts set foot in Texas, he moved at an amazing speed, his methods of killing differ from one to the other. There were women who were stabbed, strangled and one was even executed through hanging. Reason why Watts killed them was because he claimed he saw evil in their eyes. Convinced that they were brought to earth by the devil, Watts often stole trophies from his victims and burned them in order to exile their spirits. On May 23, 1982 there already 12 deaths that were associated to his killings. On the same day he tried to drown Melinda Aguilar and her roommate in their bathtub, but Aguilar escaped from the deadly ordeal and was able to call for help. Watts was captured before he tried to escape.

In order for the Houston D.A. to fully account all his killings and to make Watts confess his insane acts, they entered to a deal. The Slasher admitted to 12 more murders in exchange for a 60-year sentence. Due to a technicality, he was given a day off from his sentence as long as he shows good behavior. Three days were removed from his sentence for every day he spent in prison—which means he will be free as a bird in 24 years. The police force was determined to keep this madman locked up and it was Michigan’s witness of his killings that saved the day. In November 2004, they were able to link Watts to the murder of Helen Dutcher. The Sunday Morning Slasher was sentenced to life in a Michigan prison and died of prostate cancer in 2007.

8. The Murderous Reporter

Crime reporters like Paul Avery and Dominick Dunne got nothing against Vlado Taneski. Taneski was a Macedonian writer who took investigative journalism to a whole new level. He covered a serial killer’s exploits in the town of Kicevo and some time 2000, Taneski wrote about three women who were violently raped and murdered. The women, ages ranging from 56 to 65, were all cleaners who died with resemblances and similarities. Each one had been stuffed into plastic bags and tossed outside town after being strangled with a telephone cord. Taneski’s quiet manner and meek personality made his readers more interested on his incredible attention to all the gruesome details.

In fact, his editorial pieces were so comprehensive it raised a few eyebrows and questions among the local police force. Detectives speculated and doubted how Taneski discerned things that were never released to the public. Like how the killer utilized phone cords to tie up the corpses. Taneski knew what kind of phone cord the killer used. Investigators decided to obtain a test of Taneski’s DNA, to their surprise, they found out that the DNA matched the murderer’s semen. Taneski was detained on suspicion of murder and all the pieces of information started falling into place. This esteemed correspondent had a atrocious relationship with his mom—who happened to be a cleaner and looked like all three victims. As Taneski was about to go to trial, he committed suicide drowning himself in a bucket of water. This took place in his cell. This was indeed a true acceptance of guilt.

7. Whips and Chains

Do you want to hear a troubling statistic? Here it goes, in 2012, the FBI claimed there were about and at least 300 “highway serial killers” traveling the country’s interstates. If you think about it, 300 killers in a nation of over 300 million is quite a small number. Chances are most hitchhikers won’t end up being the killer. Of course, all of Robert Ben Rhoades’s victims probably thought the same thing.

Rhoades was a long haul truck driver whose CB handle was “Whips and Chains” and it perhaps won’t alarm you to discover he was big in the BDSM scene. “Whips and Chains” will pick up young female hitchhikers at truck stops and win their trust with his cool, confident behavior. When he gets the trust of his victim’s, he chained them up inside his rig, cut their hair, shaved their bodies and pulled out his rape kit, a briefcase full of needles, whips, alligator clips and dildos. After he had his fun, Rhoades’ murders his victims, sometimes using a piece of wire.

The fearful truck toured the United Sates and in April 1, 1990 an Arizona cop noticed the truck because the hazard lights were on. When the police officer investigated, he saw a naked woman chained up in the truck. Rhoades was apprehended and investigators chanced upon his background. They searched his truck and his apartment and saw blood-spattered towels, a journal of his acts, and photos his latest victim. They identified her as Regina Kay Walters, a 14-year-old whose body was found in Illinois. Faced with the death penalty, Rhoades appealed and bargained and was sentenced to life. The horror story kept unfolding. A few years after, Rhoades was given two additional life sentences for the murder of two traveling missionaries. You have to question how many other drifters hitched a ride in Rhoades’s rolling dungeon.

6. The Railroad Killer

The angel in Revelation 18 is no Raphaelite angel. It’s apocalyptically influential, preaches fire and brimstone…and is a symbol of a Mexican settler with an affinity for hostility. That’s what Angel Maturino Resendiz thought anyway. The migrant worker claimed to be half-man, half-angel. He was impossible to slay, thought Timothy McVeigh was his holy brother and believed that it was his divine duty to penalize the immoral.

Resendiz traveled across America, jumping from boxcar to boxcar. At any time he felt the presence of an evil; he hops off the train and hunts down evildoers. Or so he claimed. FBI said Resendiz’s purpose was much simpler and far less good—he killed for sexual gratification. Between 1989 and 1999, the Railroad Killer left a trail of bodies across the US: two in both Illinois and Florida, eight in Texas and one each in California, Georgia and Kentucky.

At first, Resendiz hunted near the train tracks, shooting his victims or beating them with railcar couplings, frequently raping female corpses afterwards. Eventually, he developed into a “Blitzkrieg killer,” leaving the rail yards to break into homes. He butchered his victims and then searched for something to rationalize what he had done. He often claims that his victims deserved to die because they were pro-choice, witchcraft practitioners or homosexuals.

His chosen weapon was also frequently changing. He killed a pastor and his wife to death with a tack hammer. He killed two people in one night with a pickaxe. He even used an aged sculpture to beat a physician to death. By the time he was caught, Resendiz had murdered at least 14 people. He was later on executed on June of 2006.

5. The Cannibal of Muensterberg

Credits to Hannibal Lecter, cannibal eradicators aren’t all that shocking. In fact, we roughly imagine it from our psychopathic assassins. However, Karl Denke took things to a different level. He was Lecter meets Mrs. Lovett.

Denke lived in what was then the town of Muensterberg in Germany (today it’s Ziebice, Poland), and he was a loved person around town. Everyone called him “Papa Denke,” he was active and loves going to church, he was always willing to give a handout to those less fortunate. He even let poor travelers and homeless drifters spend the night in his home. On a daily basis, he was selling suspenders, belts, and scrumptious jars of delicious pickled pork that the whole town loved. He was so popular that nobody cared if he regularly dumped buckets of blood outside his home, or that his apartment smelled funky.

On December 21, 1924, a coachman heard screaming from Denke’s house. He ran inside and found a young man covered in blood. Denke claimed self-defence and that the man was a thief who he had fended off with an axe. The policemen believed him but they had to follow protocol so the police took Denke to the station and placed him behind bars. Later that evening, they found Papa Denke hanging in his cell, committing suicide with his handkerchief. Suspicion increased and the police searched his home and found human skin (for those suspenders) and tubs of pickled flesh. They also came across a journal with names, dates and a lot of gruesome information on how the murder took place. In total, authorities suspected Denke of murdering almost 40 people over a span of four years. What is even more disturbing is that, everybody around Muensterberg had been eating them for dinner. There goes the dinner I ate.

4. The Godfather of Matamoros

When Adolfo Constanzo was still a child, a priest gave him a bowlful of water that had been used to boil and cook human bones. It was the first step in a supernatural career that would end with dismembered corpses and were scattered across Mexico. His mom wanted him to be like Palo Mayombe, an African-influenced religion that was developed among slaves in the Spanish Caribbean. When he was older, Constanzo devoted himself to his own version of the devil, the Kadiempembe. He worked as a fortune teller and magician—with hardened criminals customers. He worked for Mexican gangsters, advising them with his supernatural abilities and presenting powers like invisibility and the strength to deflect bullets.

Constanzo’s charm engrossed devoted followers, including drug dealers who thought his religion was good for business. To keep the gods happy, Constanzo demanded for human sacrifice. On his farm outside Matamoros, “El Padrino” (The Godfather) sacrificed and offered enemy gangsters, farmers, and even kids. He cut throats, cut off genitals, chopped off heads, and ripped out their hearts and lungs. Afterwards, the body parts were boiled in cauldrons, and the gang members took turns drinking the bloody broth.

However, Constanzo made a fault when he sacrificed 21-year-old Mark Kilroy, an American student, who his men had captured while he was partying in Matamoros. His abduction brought in the US government, and Kilroy’s family offered a prize for any detail and information about their son. The Mexican Police was placed under heavy pressure and began the intensive search for the missing student. The big break came when one of Constanzo’s groups ran a police barricade. Trying to flee from the cops, the cultist led authorities straight to the ranch, they then discovered 15 bodies buried in the desert. A month later, Constanzo was found hiding in one of his follower’s home. After almost 200 policemen surrounded the building, Constanzo demanded his followers to shoot him and his lover. The bullets ended up killing both of them.


3. The Ukranian Terminator

In “The Terminator,” the T-800 breaks into several homes and even a police station, murdering everyone in sight. He’s not much different than Anatoly Onoprienko, his Ukrainian namesake.

In 1989, Onoprienko pulled up beside a car that was parked on the side of the road and started shooting everyone inside. He never and didn’t have a motive. He just felt the urge to kill. For his next act, the Terminator and a friend from his gym broke into a house, stole whatever they could, and killed everyone they found in the house. Not so long after his gruesome acts, Onoprienko again found another car on the side of the road, butchered the family inside, and torched the bodies.

Between 1995 and 1996, the Terminator armed himself with a sawed-off 12-guage shotgun and broke into homes across the Ukraine, slaughtering entire families. At times he shot the lock off the door, and throws a brick through the window, tricking the owner into stepping outside. The Terminator always darned the men, but he was a bit more diverse when it came to the women and kids. Sometimes he uses his shotgun, but sometimes he uses knives, hammers, or axes. After the murder is done, he would take a trophy and then set the house on fire. If anyone will witness the crime, Onoprienko made sure they didn’t tell a soul. By the time he was arrested in 1996, 52 was the total body count of his victims.

During his trial, Onoprienko claimed he was possessed by spirits and that the government agencies were spying on him. The voices from outer space ordered him to kill, this was his crazy statement. It was later revealed that Onoprienko’s lawyer told him to act insane, but did not help him at all. He was initially sentenced to death but the Ukraine government abolished the death penalty shortly after the trial. He was given life, and spent 17 years behind bars before dying of a heart attack in 2013. While some of his claims were unthinkable, one was most probably true: “There is no better killer in the world than me.”

2. The S-Bahn Murderer

Between1933 and 1945, Germany was known to have a lot psycho killers. Although most were in Nazi uniforms, one terrorized the women of Berlin. Beginning in 1939, three women were stabbed and beaten to death. Good thing they survived, but Gerda Ditter wasn’t as lucky as the others. In October 1940, her body was found covered in stab wounds, with marks around her neck. Corpses like hers started appearing near the S-Bahn that ran through the city. They apparently had all been bashed in the head and then thrown off the train.

It is true that some newspapers tried to downplay the attacks, but still the public was terrified of the S-Bahn murderer. Many women working in factories for ammunitions traveled home late at night, and were often on trains on blackouts. The blackouts were intended to keep the city safe from bombers, but the blackouts actually made things easier for the murderer. Trying to keep all citizens safe, some officers were able to escort women home, while the other women rode trains dressed in drag. When that didn’t trick the killer, female officers began riding the S-Bahn alone, unarmed but only with headgear to protect their heads—but the murderer wasn’t a fool. He realised what was going on before he did anything stupid at all.

While Berlin’s serious crime unit, the Kriminalpolizei, was in a weak position by the blackouts and the high number of unintentional deaths along the railway (who was a victim and who wasn’t?), their own discriminations often got in the way. There were some who suspected that the killer was a Jew, a foreign laborer, or even a British spy. When they finally found the man, a misogynistic helper signalman named Paul Ogorzow, they had trouble accepting the truth—Orgozow was a Nazi and a member of the SA. The forensic evidence didn’t lie though; Ogorzow was found guilty of eight counts of murder and executed via execution – cutting his head off.

1. The Serpent

Charles Sobhraj speaks a number of different languages, studies psychology, and is an considered an expert on gemology. He was a big fan of Nietzsche, loves discussing “Beyond Good and Evil”. This half-Vietnamese half-Indian “ubermensch” murdered over 20 people across India, Thailand, Nepal, Turkey, and Iran. Thanks to his intelligence, he almost slipped the hands of justice.

Sobrhaj’s M.O. was to befriend western tourists hiking along the “Hippie Trail,” a path that moved its way through Asia. He used pills or powders to make his victims very sick. As soon as they get too weak to continue, he finishes them off by strangling them, sometimes stabs, and sometimes he burns them to death. Thinking of himself as a man with super powers, Sobhraj saw his felonies not as murders but as clean ups.

Sobrhaj finally had a different twist of fate. He poisoned 60 French tourists staying at an Indian hotel and his attack backfired; only giving everyone a bad diarrhea and Sobhraj was caught and arrested. However, the Indian government only had little or few pieces of information and evidence to pin him down; he was on charged with minor offenses. He was sentenced to 11 years, but the moment he stepped out of prison, the Thai government planned to extradite him to face the death penalty. However, a quirky Thai law stated that if a suspect has not one through trial within 20 years of the crime, he couldn’t be prosecuted anymore. Sobrhaj could eventually become a free man if he could stay in the Indian prison for a few more years.

Nicknamed “The Serpent” for his cunning skills as an escape artist, Sobrhaj planned to drug his guards and break out of prison—after all, he’d done it before – actually numerous times. The escape went according to his plan and he was arrested two weeks later. He was then placed in a trial for escaping; his extra sentence meant he wasn’t released until 1997. He was safe from the Thai government and he planned to live a luxurious life with the millions he earned selling the movie and book rights to his gruesome story. Then he made a big mistake in early 2000. He got arrested in Nepal for killing two North Americans, and today he is now safely behind bars. Since it is his given talent to stage his prison escapes, he again attempted to escape in 2004, but was not successful. The Nepalese authorities should be able to keep a close eye on this psychotic serpent.




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