10 Extremely Peculiar Phobias

People from all walks of life suffer from a mild to severe type of phobia. There are common phobias like the fear of heights or fear of blood and there are other unusual phobias like fear of the color black or color white. This can manifest as early as a child’s developmental stage or may have been triggered because of a traumatic incident in one’s life.

Here are ten of the most uncommon phobias you, me or anyone can ever experience.

10. Agyrophobia – The fear of crossing the street

This may sound so unreal, but yes there are people who suffer from Agyrophobia or also known as Dromophobia. Experts believe that this irrational fear or case of being afraid to cross the street is due to a person’s illogical thinking that they might be harmed when moving through a crowded pedestrian. Individuals who suffer from this phobia fear for their safety even if there is no imminent threat on them. This fear is different from the fear of cars; people who suffer from this would still drive their own car. What they will avoid will be walking down a busy street like parades, or rallies, as long as they see a crowded and congested area with people, they will definitely freak out.


9. Mageirocophobia – The fear of cooking

The fear of cooking or Mageirocophobia can take on a lot of forms. This phobia does not necessarily mean that you fear cooking in general. There are cases where a person is afraid of cooking for a large group of people or a person can be afraid of cooking simple dishes for themselves. This is one of the common phobias anyone can have, but this can only be considered as phobia when the fear of cooking already interferes to your daily life. As stated earlier, there are different elements that may be considered when you are diagnosed with this phobia – like you are afraid that you might cook something not edible or people will not like your cooking, afraid of how the presentation will look like, fearful that people might get some sort of illness after eating your food or as simple as being concerned or afraid of the cooking process thus prompting you not to cook anymore.


8. Pediophobia – The fear of dolls

The fear of dolls is quite a common phobia. People who are diagnosed with this phobia are afraid of dolls in general. This may range from china dolls, plastic dolls and even the ones that talk. Pediophobia is considered as a branch of another phobia called automanotophobia – the fear of humanoid figures. Sigmund Freud – a famous psychoanalyst says that this fear is caused by a person’s delusion that an inanimate object may come to life. Though there are other theories that explain this phobia, this can be associated to a traumatic experience a person had when playing with dolls or have associated fear and anxiety to dolls.


7. Deipnophobia – The fear of dinner conversation

Deinophobia comes from the greek work Deino that means dinner and phobos or phobia. This is the fear of dinning, having conversations with people who are having dinner with you or simply carrying or joining a conversation while eating. People who are suffering from this type of phobia would prefer to eat alone. There are also instances that when in groups they would just tend to be silent and will expect the people around them not to talking as well. This is considered a social – phobia there are treatments than can help a person suffering from this phobia – counseling and hypnotherapy are the two most common treatments being done.


6. Eisoptrophobia – The fear of mirrors

Eisoptrophobia is being afraid to see your reflection in the mirror. In the early days, people believed that their reflection either in the mirror or on clear water is their inner self or considered it as seeing their souls. They think and feel as if their spirits are being captured in the mirror. Recent studies show that this fear can be associated with a person’s inability to accept their appearance. There are people who are afraid they are too unpleasant to look at or they are too vain to the point where they are paranoid at looking at their almost perfect appearance. The reason why they avoid mirrors is a sign of relief for them; not seeing themselves in the mirror makes them feel more at ease.


5. Demonophobia – The fear of demons

A lot of people say that this is a common fear and that most if not all are afraid of demons or the supernatural beings. This has been debated by a lot of psychologists and psychoanalysts – the truth on the matter is that, the only time it becomes a phobia is when your fear interferes your day to day life and might impede and have a huge impact on your well being. Studies show that this fear is triggered by watching too much horror movies, reading or learning religious beliefs, hell, witchcraft or black magic. Though learning or being exposed to extreme religious beliefs trigger this phobia, a number of people suffering from this phobia stop believing in religion and on how religion can help them cure their phobia.


4. Pentheraphobia – The fear of mother – in – law

This may sound absurd or extremely funny for some, but this is a true blue phobia. It may be common to some married couples where either the husband or wife fear their mother’s – in – law. Studies have shown that this phobia is quite associated with the fear of your stepfather or stepmother. Another study showed that women who suffer from this phobia are actually afraid of what their mother – in – law would say or do if they cannot take care of their own families (especially their husbands).


3. Arachibutyrophobia – The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

This fear blew me away. I cannot imagine that this phobia actually exists. Experts believe that the main reason why people acquire and suffer from this phobia is because they are afraid of choking. The texture of the peanut butter is thick and rough thus people feel that if it gets stuck in their mouth they might choke to death. Another reason they are considering is that a person might be suffering from an allergy with peanuts.


2. Cathisophobia – The fear of sitting

This fear actually exists and it saddens me to learn that most of the people who suffer from this phobia are children. There are a lot of reasons why a person acquires Cathisophobia – they may have had a traumatic experience when sitting or sitting inside the classroom. This phobia is associated with Cleithrophobia – the fear of being trapped or locked in an enclosed space. Since we needed to sit at times like inside a car, in the office or in the classroom and impacts a person’s or child’s well being, experts have studied and created different types of treatments. The most used approaches or treatments are – Behavioral Approach and Exposure Therapy.


1. Automatonophobia – The Fear of a Ventriloquist’s Dummy

This is (even for me) quite frightening. Imagine an inanimate object talking, mouth opening and at times the head nodding. People who suffer from this phobia should immediately seek for professional treatment. If you are suffering from this phobia, you might experience shaking, palpitations, extreme crying, shouting and worst sleep disorder.






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