10 Facts About Ebola That Are Proven to be Wrong!

Ebola is the epidemic that has been the centre of the world lately. It killed so many people and scientists have been looking for a cure for so long. Since it is something really important, there are so many rumours or judgements about it as well. So we wanted to make a list about this very important epidemic for you to be updated. The list below shows the facts about Ebola which are known wrong.


1. The Only Way to Kill Ebola Virus is to Use Expensive Disinfectants

The only way to protect ourselves from Ebola is to prevent viruses to get into our body: Washing hands with water and soap.

2. You Cant Catch the Virus From Someone Who Died From Ebola

The Ebola virus on person who died can stay as active for a long time, so you should be careful during the funeral.

3. The Ebola Virus is Transported Through Air

You can’t catch Ebola from air, the virus is transported with body fluids.

4. You Don’t Catch Ebola Virus If You Have a Strong Immune System

The Ebola Virus is so strong that even the people with very strong immune systems can catch it.

5. You Cant Catch Ebola With Sexual Interference

Since the Ebola virus is transmitted by body fluids, you can also catch it with sexual interference.

6. You Can Still Catch Ebola From Someone Who Survived Ebola

You can only catch the virus from someone who is carrying it, not from the ones who survived.

7. The Virus is Brought to the Countries Having Ebola Epidemic By the Sanitarians

According to the study done, the Ebola Virus was first transmitted to humans from the animals carrying the virus.

8. There is a Cure For Ebola

Even if there are so many studies done to destroy the virus, there is still not an exact cure for it.

9. Fasting Makes the Treatment Easier

Never try to fast if you have Ebola! It only weakens your body that is already very weak rather than helping you get rid of it.

10. For Every Ebola Epidemic, the Death Rate is About 90%

In some regions the death rate is 20% whereas the other regions have approximately 90% of death rate. So we can say that the overall death rate is quite lower than 90%.

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