It was during the gruesome murder of actress Sharon Tate which made the world know who Charles Manson is. It all happened during the night of 1969 when the pregnant actress was killed which caused terror in Los Angeles. The crime scene were filled with vandals written from the blood of the victim which reads the words “pigs”, “death to pigs” and rise. There was another inscription in the refrigerator with the words Healter Skelter.

The group of Charles Manson, which he calls family, were arrested and was brought to trial after a few on the summer if 1970. This man became an icon overnight  due to the attention he has received from the media. He is still in prison today after forty years to suffer from the crimes that were linked to him. He serves as an icon of evil to most while just a bad joke to others. There is more to know about Charles Manson that meets the eye.



When you think about it and gather all the information, you will realize that Charles Manson never really stabbed a person to death nor is he in the crime scene during the gruesome murders his followers had done. He may have binded some of the victims like La Blanca but he have left the place before the killing. He wasn’t there during the killing of Sharon Tate. He was sentenced together with the other killers since the law of California allows conspirators to receive the same sentence.

He also ordered the killing of Gary Hinman who used to be the teacher of Bobby Beausoleil and his family when the latter didn’t give them money. Manson wounded the latter with a sword but left when he realized when he knew there was no money to obtain from them. They tried to even let the crime seem like it was done by militants instead who were members of Black Power group. Hinman was stabbed to death after and his blood was used to write the words “Political Piggie” on his own wall. They were also responsible for the killing of a less famous Donald “Shorty” Shea who worked at the Spahn Ranch where the family lived together. This man was killed when they thought that Shorty knew something about the murders they have done. This murder was dealt by other members who are Steve Grogan and Bruce Davis and tortured the man before killing him. Both were convicted later though Grogan was the only one who was set free through parole.



When he was born, Charles Manson was declared “No Name Maddox” by the staff of Cincinnati hospital where her mother Kathleen Maddox have given birth to him. He was later named as Charlie Milles Maddox after a few weeks. His last name was later changed when his mother marriedWilliam Manson.

It is believed that his father is a man named Colonel Walker Scott who his mother sued of bastardy. The courd favored the side of his mother which awarded her $25 settlement and a $5 child support. It was said that that Scott never really provided the child support and the reason most likely about this is because he never is the father of James Manson. There have been rumors that the real father of James Manson is a black American but this might just be because he was prejudiced.



Charles Manson’s life is surrounded by truth and lies about his past. He never really had a good childhood since he was separated to his mother when he was young. Contrary to popular belief, his mother is not a prostitute who gave Charles Manson to a waitress in exchange for a pitcher of beer. He wasn’t an abused child. The absence of both parents may simply be enough to develop a criminal like Charles Manson. He recalled that the happy time in his life was when his mother hugged him after they were reunited after she was set free from prison. The happiniess was shorlived since Charles Manson was departed from his mother again when it was proven that she can’t raise him and he had to go to a boy’s home at the age of 13. He escaped the home but his mother rejected him after.

His criminal reputation was established after as he began to do petty crimes like thefts and burglaries and was eventually put ot a juvenile detention center when he was caught. He would just return to the detention center every now and then whenever he got caught.

He finally found true love in Rosalie Willis and found happiness once again. He married the woman and later impregnated Rosalie Willis. They decided to live the town where they were from only that they were imprisoned for using a stolen car. Rosalie eventually left him for another man and divorced Charles Manson which made all the hopes of Manson having a family shatter into pieces.



In reality, Charles Manson was contented in a group of his own. Aside from scheming crimes, he would be found taking classes from Dale Carnegie Institute based on the latter’s book renowned to the world as “How to Win Friends and Influence People. Charles Manson studied the book especially on the topics about how to get others to own an idea or thought. He even practiced the book in his jail cell.

Charles Manson later mastered the skill of influencing others and became manipulative. He even studied other relevant topics on this matter like mind control based on Scientology as well as the Process Church of the Final Judgement. Another of Charles Manson biographer namely Jeff Guin pointed that it was this book that turned Charles Manson into a threat to the society.



Charles Manson learned to play the guitar under the supervision of one of the most notorious criminals in the underworld, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis. This happened when the two were detained in McNeil Island Penitentiary. Karpis was known for his guitar talent in the facility which is the reason why Charles Manson approached him.

Karpis hesitated at first since he found Charles Manson as “lazy and shiftless” at first. However, the man later was impressed by Manson’s talent and even praised what he calls “pleasant voice” of Charles Manson.



Most of Charles Manson’s ideology are said to be from California since it has been believed that the man lived most of the time behind bars in that state. He seemed to blend easily with the rest of the hippies when he was released in 1967. Despite the rise of the ideologies of hippies, Charles Manson never lost what he have learned way back when he was younger and lived in Appalachia.Most of Charles Manson’s ideas are sometimes contrary to the ideas of those who lived during the hippies revolution which was prevalent in California.

He also never had much of a male figure to follow except for a hot temprered who distrusted yankees. He persuaded young Charles Manson not to believe in the ideas and teaching of public schools. This is where he got most of his ideas because he turned out to be an aggressive racist after who kept speaking about an Aquarian age after the apocalypse. He was ablo influence others to his ideology and let them explore into a much deeper and darker worlds filled with distrust and paranoia which he have dealt with when he lived in the Appalachian regions.



As soon as he was set from prison, he began applying what he have learned on influencing people, especially young women. He influenced these individuals about how his ideologies that are centered to him as a father figure which he was able to accomplish by using a little Freudian psychology as well as hallucinogenic drugs.

One of the most surprising amongst these women is the actrees Deirde Lansbury who later wrote one of the most disturbing books in history, The Manchurian Candidate which tackles subjects about mind manipulation and control that could turn a man into an assassin. There were a lot of similarities between Charles Manson and the main character of the story. Deidre Lansbury left the group eventually after mingling with them for a short period of time.

Charles Manson later found the city filled with women who seems quite ripe for the picking and later formed his own Manchurian Candidates who will follow whatever commands he has for them. His methods were proven effective since he was able to let these women work as thieves and prostitutes for him.

Charles Manson was later acquainted with Beach Boys member Dennis Wilson when the latter picked up a few members of the family who were hitch hiking that time. He brought them to his house for a good time. The members later called Charles Manson who later arrived with a few more willing women. The Beach Boys member was impressed by the music of Charles Manson as well as his Svengali skills. He evn let the family live in the house he owns although Wilson later lived in another house when things between the family and him became a little intense.

There was also a time when Wilson brought music producer Terry Melcher. The music producer had another opinion about the Family but was more fascinated in making a documentary about the estranged family. He abandoned the plan later when he realized that there was more than Charles Manson than a few loose screws.

Melcher later left the house where he lived with Candice Bergen and was later leased to the Hollywood Director Polanski and the actress Sharon Tate.


Beatles at the BBC

When Wilson threw the Family out of the house, the family stayed in a ranch named after the owner George Spahn. The family rendered service to Spahn like manual labor or even prostituting their women to the 80-year-old man.

They were living in this Ranch then when the Beatles band became renowned to the world. Charles Manson began to admire the songs of the group to the extent that he preached about how the group are the four horsemen written in the book of Revelation. According Charles Manson that there will be a racial war up ahead and that the African Americans will win. During those times, said Manson, the family will be hiding in the desert. Later, white men will be coming to him to beg to rule them which will be his dawn of reign over the whole world.

Charles Manson even used some words or titles of the songs in the Beatles Album commonly known as The White Album for some keywords he has in mind. He believes that the album contains clue about the Apocalypse he is speaking about. “Piggies” tell of a gluttonous white establishment; “Revolution 9” speaks about an upcoming war while “Revolution” was their call of arms. The war to come will be called “Helter Skelter” Charles Manson would tell his congregation.

In reality, Chales Manson preferred other artists like Perry Como, Bing Crosby and other country singers. He was also older than most of the family which is the reason why he can’t relate that much as he did’t care about the Beatles’ music.



Those who knows the music of Charles Manson would tell that it just reflects his manipulative and ensnaring ways. It even somewhat resembled a mysticism which had been popular in his times due to the hippies. Charles Manson himself was never a successful musician though he and his music gained popularity after the murders. It was said that various artists used his song on theur covers. This includes bands like Guns n’ Roses, Red Kross and Marilyn Manson. The only song heard from him before the murders was his uncredited song of the Beach Boy known as “Never Learn Not to Love”. Dennis Wilson edited the song of Charles Manson which is “Cease To Exist”  which gave him the song on the track. Charles Manson was enraged when he discovered what Wilson have done. But it makes people wonder the fate of the family and Charles Manson if only he were credited for the work.



Charles Manson’s mental state have sparked questions throughout the years. It is said that he was just acting insane but others would claim that he has a psychological disorder. Obviously, Charles Manson is not normal but the fact whether he is normal or insane will never be answered.

He has been an icon that increases the ratings of TV shows whose ratings are dropping. The careers of Tom Snyder as well as Diane Sawyer owes a debt of gratitude to Charles Manson. When TV shows want to increase their ratings, all they have to do is have an interview with Charles Manson who is a total entertainment when in front of the camera. Charles Manson would talk about anything under the sun like nature, human condition and culture. He even seems to shift identities when he would suddenly growl then later whisper while being spoken to. Charles Manson finally got all the attentions he was yearning for from the people he called piggies.


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