10 False Stories that Followed these Great Personalities

Throughout history, there have always been stories that intrigued the minds of individuals about the great historical figures. These are legends that have been passed through generation which really never had anything to do with these noted personalities. Every individuals in the history have been noted for their contributions and style just like how Genghis Khan conquered most of Asia to the pieces of advice from Abraham Lincoln. Some of these are fact but most of the legends simply are embellishments to these individuals which were later debunked with research and science.



Jose Protacio Rizal who is simply known as Rizal in his native land, the Philippines, is a talented archetype man who is one of the symbol of the country’s freedom. He is the country’s national hero and have studied in Europe during the time. It so happened that when Jose Rizal stayed in London was the same time the notorious Jack the Ripper have been instilling fears in the heart of those who lives in London. Nobody knew the activities of this stranger from a still unknown land then which is the reason why some suspected that he’s responsible for the acts of Jack the Ripper. Aside fromt the coincidence that both individuals have the acronym JR, it is also believed that Jack the Ripper has broad knowledge in medicine to which Jose Rizal is known.

Also, another story about this historical figure is the fact that he had an affair with Adolf Hitler’s mother, Klara Polzl. Hitler’s mother was working as a chamber maid back then when she had a short lived affair with this hero which made some believe that Jose Rizal may be the real father of Adolf Hitler. However, those studying family roots like genealogists as well as historians quickly dismiss this claim.



Nicholaus Copernicus has been controversial back in his days when he claimed that the Earth is not the center of the Universe. However, to those who practiced medicine back in the days, this great man also played a role in medicine. This story was even in a featured 1970 article in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

The story goes that Adolf Buttenadt, a physician and a great man during the times when the Polish Castle was sieged in 1521. It was this time that he was with his colleague who is said to be Nicholaus Copernicus. The great man who is Copernicus noticed that castle dwellers are getting seek due to bread they ate which were already blackened by dirt and coarse.

Nicholaus Copernicus believed that the reason why individuals were getting sick is due to the bacteria in the bread that caused it to darken. This is the reason why he advised that cream should be applied on the loaf to check whether it contains dirt and other bacteria. Buttenadt continued with this practice which gave rise to the term buttenatding which later becomes the word buttering.

The story is implausible but a number of journals and newspapers have firmly declared that this event actually happened back in the days. However, individuals who knows more about Nicholaus Copernicus debunk this theory. One of this is Owen Gingerich, a profession of astronomy in the Harvard university. He declared that the reason why these individuals believed the story so much is becuase of their huge admiration to Copernicus which is described more as an excessive fascination. He could say this since he met one of the authors of the JAMA article who seems to have such an excessive fascination on the astronomist. Gingerich verified the existence of Buttenadt but it so happened that the two individuals didn’t meet since they lived in different times.

No one can ever tell who ever have thought of bread and butter as a perfect much. There are evidences that this practice has occured even before Copernicus’ time since a sport fishing manual described a browne bread toast with honey in lyknesse of a butteryd loof. The manual is entitled The Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle and was dated from 1946.



For those who are familiar with the history of the Byzantine Empire, the name Empress Theodora is not new. She is just the wife of the great man Justinian I who ruled the empire. Little is known about this woman aside from the written works of Procopius, a contemporary chronicler who wrote the book Secret History.

Based on what Procopius wrote, it is said that the empress used to be an actress which may also mean prostitute before. She is often called “Theodora From the Brothel” by this contemporary chronicler since he explained that the woman had sexual affairs even with slaves and had 40 men gratify her sexual desire in just one evening. Another story was that the woman allowed geese to peck grain on her private parts to arouse her spectators.

In reality, Procopius wrote things that took his side and are just fictional stories to stir his readers mind. He also bashed the emperor by telling tales how the great man walked around headless and wa in fact the “prince of demons”. It is also important to notice that other chroniclers during Procopius tuime like John Malalas, john Lydus and Evagrius Scholasticus never mentioned these sexual misconduct of the empress.

The problem is that it was Procopius stories which were more appealing that where passed down to the other historians back in the days. More stories were added to the tale, of course.



Marie Antonette is another noted figure in France since she was one of the royalties who faced the guilitone during his days. The quote “let them eat cake,” which is said to be hers is now debunked but there are still other rumors about her. One of the most famous among those stories is how her hair turned to white moments before she facedt the guillotine.

The incident gave rise for a syndrome to be named after her since this has the same description as what happened to the famous woman. Many claims that this condition also happened to Thomas More who also faced execution in the Tower of London in the year 1535. This syndrome however, may be different from that Mary Antonette  since what she experienced has nothing to do with distress in the follicle as well as the fact that this condition affects growing hair. What happened to Marie Antoinette may be due to other reasons relating to their capture.

Queen Elizabeth II FIFA Controversy


When the English team won the 1966 FIFA World Cup, it sparked the most controverial event in the history of the game. The Wembley stadium was filled with loud cheers as the game ended for a win of the English team making the final score 4-2.

It is said that there are conspiracies that occurred during this momentous event which included Her Highness giving away a royal whistle. The whistle is said to be given to the Azerbaijani official by the name of Bahramov and it was this official who have declared the questioned goal. Some believe that it was like a bribe since the man served England with what he did.

However, the issue was laid to rest when the Oxford dictionary gave their statement in 1996. The study concluded that the ball did not cross the line having a narrow margin of 6 centimeters. Still, the fact remains that Bahramov became a notorious icon for some and an immortal icon to the country where he lived. There was a statue that was dedicated to the great man in 2004 where Geoff Hurst who scored the infamous goal along with other FIFA Officials attended to.



There was a story from long ago that during the Winston Churchill childhood, Alexander Fleming rescued him from drowning. It was said that from this incident, Lord Randolph Churchill, Father of Winston Churchill, gave the young hero a large sum of money which he used to pursue his studies.

And so it goes that the Great Alexander Fleming made a mark in the world of medicine and science when he discovered Penicillin. Then, during the time of the Second World War, the Prime Minister became ill and what saved his life is Alexander Fleming’s greatest contribution to mankind.

This story doesn’t only talk about a two coincidences but also how strangers may help other making it a good tale with a lesson. The problem is that no such drowning incident during Churchill’s childhood have ever occurred. Churchill indeed got sick after the conference in Tehran but it wasn’t penicillin that saved his life. Even Churchill denied this story way back in 1946.



During the time of Fascist Italy, it was said that the people of Italy found comfort in the trains that ran on time despite the many atrocities that occurred. This statemedt came from Il Duce whose statement has bolstered the ongoing movement in the country.

The truth about the matter is that these trains do not work well during World War I. There are times that these trains broke all the time and were repaired and improved which occured during the time of Mussolini but still gave poor service to the people.

Il Duce was not really such a truthful man since he loves to boast. The March on Rome on October 28, 1892 was gloriously celebrated with him. The truth is that Mussolini was really in Milan during the March and Il Duce was just “cowering on his jackboots,” as one British show says about him.



Mongols are known to be the most fearsome fighters in Asia during the 1300s and had shown no mercy to the land that they conquer. However, most of the stories about Genghis Khan’s expeditions were filled with exaggeration. Just for example the revenge the great man had for his favorite son in all which he bestowed among the people of Nishapur in Persia where he have declared that the Mongols have beheaded all the 1, 748, 000 residents of the said districts. Mathematicians as well as historians do not believe this account since it is just impossible to do so.

This is just one of the stories that sounds far-fetched. Accounts of his death, however, sounds more absurd than the other stories made about the great man. There is an account where it is said that he died due to a spinal injury when he fell off his horse. Another ridiculous claim is that he was castrated by someone from the Tangut tribe which is more likely a princess and died due to the loss of blood. According to Marco Polo, this great man died due to an infection when he was hit by an arrow. Other historians believe that he simply died out of natural death. Due to a legend, it is believed that this great man will once again rise and flock together the great mongol empire.



Another story that tickled the fantasies of paranoid conspiracy theorists is the coincidences in the life of two of the most famous presidents of the United States: John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. There have been a list of these coincidences which were released after the death of JFK which were spread in all of the USA through different media.

Who won’t be intrigued to know that these two assassinated US Presidents were both congressmen and presidents with a span of 100 years from each other’s term? Their surnames also have the same number of letters. They were both killed on a Friday with a fatal shot in the head. It has ev en been said that both men have been to Monroe in a different way. John F. Kennedy is said to meet with Marilyn Monroe while Lincoln was from Monroe, Maryland a month before his death.

These informations stir everyone’s imagination and some declare that they might really be somehow connected to each other. However, if you think of it, these so called facts are just assumptions that can be explained by just random events that just happened in a similar way. One of this is the fact that shooters really aim for the head since this is the best way to kill the victim. Furhtermore, Marilyn Monroe has been dead for a year before JFK’s assassination.

To make things funnier and sound more ridiculous, Harvard realeased a list that were stretched to make other coincidences just for fun. There was one that says that the middle name of Lincoln’s wife when read backward is dot (ignoring the extra d) which is a symbol commonly used in the Morse code which was invented in 1844. A hundred years later,it is said that JFK’s wife married Aristotle Onassis in 1944.



There was a story that circulated before that the reason why the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot dead which sparked the first world war is due to the fact that Gavrilo Princip went to a restaurant to get a sandwich. It just so happened that the motorcade where the Archduke passed by is located in the street where the restuarant Princip was about to have his sandwich. Finally, he successfully assassinated the great man which caused World War 1.

This story is in almost every literature about what happened during the eventful moment. But this story may just be out from someone’s imagination. This led Mike Dash from the Smithsonian to search for answers and ended with a documentary from the BBC entitled “Days that Shook the World”. He had to ask the writer and director about the source of the story but the latter couldn’t recall.

Another story that Dash followed is a novel which made Princip a hero. It was entitled “Twelve Fingers” and was written in 2001. It is said that the hero meets Princip who told the protagonist that he is eating a sandwich.

Due to the fact that there are no older accounts of Princip having a snack before the assassination, Dash could only speculate that this is merely something that happened by chance.

Addition: Can the Jewish Hater really be A Jew?

the story about how Adolf Hitler may really be a Jew have been talked about during his early life back in 1920s. This is due to the many things that is related to the Jews just like the origin of hos surname as well as his so-called distant relatives from Bucharest who are Jews.  There was even a rumor that his nephew was bribed as not to speak about it.

This may not be true about Adolf Hitler but the person closest to him may be a descendant of his loathed group. To think about it, Adolf Hitler have dated a Jew so it is not impossible that he may also have married a Jew. Scientists examined the DNA strands of the Eva Braun, Hitler’s love to find that the great man might really have married one since her DNA is related to a group of Jews called Ashkenazi. Other relatives of Hitler also have DNA which can be traced to be from Jewish people. This studies are still inconclusive according to most of the scientific community.


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