10 horrible and outdated technologies that are still used today

There are certain devices and technologies that we used to embrace not so long ago but today it look a bit awkward to find someone still using them. Some of them still work well, though it’s only that there are modern substitutes. There are also some people who are just stuck in the old technology. They simply don’t want to change. Their only interest is to see the work done. They don’t care about speed or quality. But you can’t blame them. Technology is quite dynamic. What is a hit today may be outdated just in a few weeks’ or months’ time.

Here are some ten old technologies that some people still hang on:

  1. Windows XP 


Windows XP was released in 2001, that’s 13 years ago, and Microsoft had stopped supporting it. But as of now, nearly 30 percent of all desktop computers in the whole world still use it.

2. Floppy Disks 

Floppy disks were used in the 1980s when people just had a few kilobytes of data to store. Now there are large hard drives, CDs, USB flash drives, cloud storage and even email storage. But some people still use floppy drives. In fact Sony sold 12 million floppy disks in 2009 alone.

3. Dial-up Internet  

It might come as a surprise hat there’s still a significant number of people across the world who still use dial-up despite the high speed Internet access that’s being offered today. Two percent of these people are found in America.

4. Dot Matrix Printers

There are some people who do not even know what these devices are – they were first introduced over 40 years ago. They print noisily and are painfully slow. Still that has not stopped their use. They are still being found in many businesses and even institutions.

5. VHS Tapes

These were once the bastion of home entertainment. They were packed on the shelves in the house and some people were even in the business of renting them out. DVDs have since replaced them. And now we have services like Hulu and Netflix that are also putting DVDs under pressure. Still there are people who use these tapes.

6. Magnetic Stripe Bank Cards

Some people are still using magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. These cards are incredibly outdated compared to PIN and chip method. The magnetic stripe cards are prone to fraud but still some people stick to them.

7. Phone Books

Even with the availability of the Internet that provides a simple way of finding phone numbers online, some people still use phone. Almost everyone has them delivered to their door.

8. Telegrams


Telegram services became obsolete with the advent of telephones and later emails. But the US, Canada and the UK still have their own commercial telegram services.

9. Typewriters


Typewriters are still being used especially in areas where electricity supply is either not available or is erratic. For example, in India, court typists use them

10. CRT Televisions

Today we have LCD or plasma TV sets but millions of people throughout the world still use CRT televisions. CRT TVs are still very popular because they are affordable to many people.







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