10 Interesting Vacation Spots Around the World

1. 727 Fuselage Home; Costa Rica

This amazing vacation spot and rental home is made of an old 727 plane. Mounted high up among the trees in the coastal rainforest of Costa Rica, this plane/beautiful wood cabin hotel is both a unique and fascinating vacation spot.

plane hotel vacation spot

2. Giraffe Manor; Nairobi, Kenya

This small, private hotel is home to some of the beautiful endangered Giraffes in Kenya. The manor opens its doors to guests who can live among the giraffes during their stay. Feed them, walk with them on the grounds, or simply enjoy their beauty as you relax in this interesting and one of a kind vacation spot.

giraffe manor vacation spot

3. Desert Nomad House; Tuscon, Arizona

This remote vacation spot is nestled in the desert of Tuscon, Arizona. The structure, built by architect Rick Joy has the feel of a nomad adobe house. The small structure includes a beautiful modern interior complete with bedroom, kitchen, work space, and a living room area.

nomad house vacation spot

4. Igloo Village; Finland

Located in the snowy expanse of Finland, this quant little village is a truly unique and breathtaking vacation spot. The village offers a variety of snow or glass igloos that allow their guests to experience the beauty of Finland’s winter wonderland up close and personal. You may even get to see the northern lights during your visit!

igloo village vacation spot

5. The Boot and Breakfast; New Zealand

You’ve probably heard the nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in the shoe, right? Well, what about living your own nursery rhyme and spending your vacation in a giant boot? This interesting little vacation spot is a hotel made to look like a giant pair of boots. The locals were skeptical of the hotel at first, but since it’s opening in 2001 The Boot and Breakfast has become a favorite among travelers from all over.

boot vacation spot

6. Metropolis; Illinois

If you’re a fan of Superman then this is the vacation spot for you. This small town in Illinois, named after Superman’s hometown, is 100% dedicated to Superman. They even have a huge statue of him right in the center of town! Head out to Metropolis in June and book a room at one of their many hotels, be sure to check out their festival, “The Superman Celebration” which consists of collectors and fans from all over the world.

superman vacation spot

7. Jules’ Undersea Lodge; Key Largo, Florida

The only underwater hotel in the United States was built in 1986 and sits 30 feet down on the ocean floor. This amazing vacation spot can only be reached one way: by scuba diving. The hotel features underwater rooms complete with a view of the ocean and all the undersea life surrounding it.

undersea lodge vacation spot

8. Alcatraz Hotel; Germany

There are hotels all over the world with interesting and absolutely unique themes, but this one is truly one of a kind. This hotel, located in Germany, is an old German prison turned luxury hotel. Themed to look like a up-scale prison, the Alcatraz Hotel has 56 prison cells that have been transformed into modern sleeping quarters. Book a room here and enjoy the view out of your barred windows, personal toilet in the corner, and striped linens.

Alcatraz vacation spot

9. Palacio De Sal; Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This unique vacation spot is located right on the edge of the world’s largest salt flat. However, The Palacio De Sal is unique not because of its location, but because of its architecture. This hotel is made entirely of salt. The furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings are comprised completely of salt. If you’re looking for a little flavor in your next vacation, this could be the place for you.

salt hotel vacation spot

10. Free Spirit Spheres; Qualicom Beach, Canada

Nestled high up in the trees, this vacation spot in Canada is like something out of a fairy tale. The rooms are spheres that are suspended in the trees and actually sway with the trees as the wind moves them. Guests have said it’s almost like being gently rocked to sleep. Get in touch with the wonders of nature by booking a room here.

tree sphere vacation spot

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