10 Mythical Monsters That Will Give You Nightmares

There are several accounts of monsters in mythologies that would give the creeps to the readers. The monsters we hear nowadays are far tamer than those back then where these monsters are described as ruthless killers ready to devour humans. These are a few of those feared monsters during the ancient times.


Laestrygonians are one of the most feared creatures and you can read the account of cannibal giants in Homer’s Odyssey. As the story goes, these monsters resides on the island called Lamos that belongs to the city of Telepylos. It is said that three of the crew aboard Odysseus’ boat were eaten by these fierce monsters. In the end, Odysseus was able to escape in a ship after being thrown spears and stones which killed some of his men.


The dybbuk is a kind of demon without any physical form in Jewish beliefs. This monster would get in the body of a good person then cause the individual to do mischief and destruction. The monster itself is simply a broken soul looking for some support. It’s hard to imagine how this demon ruins the life of an innocent person who unwillingly causes destruction and mayhem.


The Nachzenher of German mythology is a combination of a vampire and ghoul who comes to consume his very own relative. Another way that this monster kills other is by ringing the church bell that creates a sound so frightening that it will kill everyone who hears it.

TRIVIA: the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest texts ever discovered. It tells of a demi God named Gilgamesh who was envied by the gods and later creates Enkidu as his rival. Under one of the accounts, there is said to be a monster by the name of Gugalanna who killed thousands of men in the city until Enkidu and Gilgamesh arrived and stopped it. This monster was sent to Earth by the goddess Inanna because Gilgamesh refused her advances to him and ordered it to kill the latter. It is discovered that Taurus, one of the zodiac signs is actually Gugalanna.


If we’ll be technical, this monster shouldn’t be included in the list since it is just a mongoose. However, ancestors have claimed that the Ichneumon used to be the feared rival of the dragon since it was able to kill one of Europe’s most terrifying monsters. The account says that the Ichneumon covered itself in mud then went inside the body of the dragon and began burrowing itself out, thus killing the monster. It looks more like a wise monster to me.


Strigoi is a feared monster in Romania that even during these modern day, there are still individuals who would do precautionary measures for this distressed soul never to return from the grave. The reason for this is that the Strigoi, similar to the vampire, are said to come back to earth and drink the blood out of its victims. Some stories say that this monster comes in the form of animals while some say that they are invisible. Well, ever heard of a news that someone dies due to bloodloss without anyone seeing a killer? Well, that surely will be headline and we know who to blame.


The counterpart of the werewolf in the orient is the were-tiger which were believed to be vengeful spirits that has suffered a different kind of curse that was passed on to the person. This may also be a person who was eaten by another tiger. In India, these are known to be very powerful sorcerers who are capable of transforming into a tiger. Thailand’s account states that these are tigers that were able to consume a lot of humans that it develops the body of a human. Whatever the reason how a certain creature trasforms into a were-tiger, this is a vicious animal you wouldn’t want to see.

Dames Blanches

Dames Blanches(France) are not monsters but ghost or white ladies that are standing by the bridge. They are very attractive young women who are there to appear to young gentlemen who comes to cross the bridge. The Dames Blanches will invite the man to dance and if he does then he is free to pass and go on his way. But if the man turns her down, she will throw him off the bridge or let other creatures like goblins and other animals to come and torture him for a while. Well, we always hear “hell hath no fury than a woman’s wrath.”

Black Annis


This witch is a frightening being that preys on children and are said to live in caves around Leicestershire, England. They are described to have blue skin and very frightening. To keep children inside the house, parents will scare the kids by saying that this monster will tan their skin after devouring them and wear the skin around the waist. If this monster is used by parents of the 19th century to control their children then what monster will parents today to keep their children away from their iPads?

Koschei the Deathless

Talk about a monster impossible to kill. This is a villain in Slavic mythology who kidnaps the hero’s wife then tries to win her heart. I understand the woman, of course since death is better than falling for a frightening monster who also happens to be her abductor. There is only one way to destroy this monster and that is to kill his soul which he hid in a form of a needle which is inside an egg being conceived by a duck that is inside a hare. To cut the very long story short, that needle is somewhere in the island of Buyan which is literally a mythical place. That’s worse than finding a needle in the middle of a hay stack.

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    The English on this site is appalling but… the saying you are looking for is: “Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned”. The Furies it refers to are wild women of Greek mythology, it is not as commonly assumed another word for anger.

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