10 Reasons Your Cat Destroys Toilet Paper that You Didn’t Know

The destructor has appeared again. Your cute, adorable cat looks up at you with a look of innocence. Your anger rises as you see a floor full of toilet paper. The empty roll is still spinning on the hanger. Images of taking your cat enter your mind as you count the dollar signs his or her destruction has caused. Oh, but the face is just too cute and you realize you are partly to blame. Boredom is the leading cause of toilet paper destruction, but it is right up there with not enough attention and leaving it accessible to your cat.

10. It feels soft on their teeth


Cat need their teeth cleaned just like humans. The softness of the toilet paper is both comfortable to chew, but serves a purpose of cleaning the teeth a little too.

9. They like to watch it spin

Ever spun a bottle cap for fun? Your cat feels the same way about the toilet paper roll. It is essentially a toy that not only provides a lot of entertainment while it moves, but also fluffy white material to tear to shreds.

8. Your Cat is Siamese


While studies have yet to prove it there is alarming evidence online that Siamese cats are the number one destroyers of toilet paper! It is a form of getting your attention, something Siamese cats need a lot of.

7. Cat Toys are Passé


Who needs a toy when you can have unlimited fun with sheets and sheets of paper that just keep coming? It is more likely your cat just needs a new toy or an old toy re-imagined to catch their attention again.

6. Litter Box Cleanliness


Your cat attacks the oddest things when their litter box is unsatisfactory. Your toilet paper issues might be as simple as replacing the litter.

5. It’s an Accessible Towel


Sometimes your cat just wants a comfortable spot to lie down after a bit of fun. Providing a place to lay on a soft blanket or towel is all they need. Putting several blankets or towels around the home including one to use in the bathroom might stop the destruction.

4. Burying the Lead


You want to be careful when picking up destroyed toilet paper. You may have a little present or perhaps it is the smell of your own toilet that requires it to be buried just like a litter box smell.

3. Handy Fun


If it hangs, moves, or looks fun your cat will test it out.

2. Warmth on a Cool Day


Your cat could be trying to tell you it is too cold in the room. Like the towel, your cat likes to be warm and in a soft place. Toilet paper certainly provides it.

1.The Smell


Personal studies indicate it could be the smell. As a pet owner, who has changed brand a few times there are some brands that definitely bring on the destructive behavior and others that are simply left alone.

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