READ BEFORE PROCEEDING- this article contains descriptive writing that may offend some of our readers since these human experiments happened in real life. There are many studies that used real human beings. These human experiments include individuals from different backgrounds like prisoners, slaves and even family members of those conducting the study. There are also human experimentation done on the researchers. Here we have a list of the 10 worst human experiments that have occurred.



The objective of this study conducted in Stanford is to check the behavior of prisoners as well as authority. This psychological study is conducted under the supervision of Philip Zimbardo and the participants are the other researches who are undergraduates who choose to volunteer for the said project. The volunteers played a role as guards and inmates and they were effectively played the role given to them. This occurred in the basement of the Psychology department’s building which had an unpleasant result to those who participated in the study. It was said that a third of those who played the role of jail guards harmed the prisoners in a sadistic way while the rest of the prisoners experienced trauma. This is the reason why the study was ceased immediately.



There has been a study in Davenport, Iowa which involved a speech experiment on 22 orphan children. This was known as the Monster study due to the fact that they used orphan children just to prove their point as well as the negative impact to the kids who were criticized for every mistake they have. This study was conducted by Wendell Johnson with this his graduate student Mary Tudor and was aimed to prove the theory about positive and negative impact of criticism to stuttering. Half of the orphans were criticized and even those who have normal speech later suffered from stuttering while the half who were given positive feedback and praise lived a normal life.

Due to the unreasonable way of obtaining data to justify the theory, those who have known this called it the “Monster Study.” This experiment was hidden from the public as not to ruin Johnson’s reputation especially that human experiments were being heard of in the start of the Second World War. Due to the horrific experiment, the University of Iowa apologized to the public for the misconduct that one of their renowned professors have done.



A study was conducted in the residents living in the Marshall Islands which was known as Project 4.1. This was a project made by the United States to know the effect of radiation exposure since those who lived in the Marshall Islands experienced a fallout in March 1, 1954. The first decade seems to have no results aside from the fact that there were incidents of stillbirth, miscarriage and the increase of women  in the population during the first five years which eventually went back to normal. There have also a slight defect on the growth of children as well as few defects that occur while developing which cannot be clearly concluded in the study.

The obvious effects occurred after when there were children who were already suffering from defects on their thyroid glands. Those who ran the test simply said that the study is good for medical purposes and that radioactivity in the region have proven that this substance can be used for the cure of diseases. Of course, the residents disagree about that and felt that the government has used them as a human experiment.



There has been a study before conducted by CIA on hypnosis. Their main objective is to be able to control the mind certain individuals. This began in the 1950s and ended in before 1970. There have been stories that this research was conducted but the office of Scientific Intelligence and have used drugs and different methods like hypnosis to control the minds of individuals. Most of the human experiment they used are their employees, doctors, military personnel and others who holds office in the government to whom they give LSD or other drugs with or without consent of the individuals.

There was even an instance during the Operation Midnight Climax, CIA set up brothels to obtain as much human experiment who will not speak about their experience. The activities were documented or videos are taken in every session. All files were destroyed in 1973 when Director Richard Helms of CIA ordered all files related to MK-ULTRA to be destroyed which makes charges against the agency impossible.



Ruthless leaders in South Africa during the time of the apartheid had forced individuals who are proven to be gays or lesbians for a sex exchange. Reports of electric shock and chemical castrations were done to 900 individuals which were performed from 1971 to 1989 on military hospitals. These soldiers were also brought at psychiatric clinics in a Military hospital at Voortrekkerhoogte. Individuals who aren’t cured at ward 22 are chemically castrated as part of their human experiment.

There were also incidents of rape to lesbian soldiers which were reported during this human experiment. Soldiers as young as 16 to 24 and mostly white individuals were given sex change. The head of the study who is Dr. Aubrey Levine is now a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Calgary’s Medical School.



There were also reports of the human experiment in North Korea. This is almost similar to the gruesome experiments by both Nazis and Japanese during the second world war. The government denied about this experiments on prisoners and even declared that they treat them in a humane manner.

A woman related that there was an instance when 50 women were chosen to eat poisoned cabbage which brought them great pain. They are forced to eat despite seeing what happened to others who already have consumed this poisoned food because they are threatened that they will never see their families if they don’t do so. There has also been a human experiment which involved the use of poison gas injected on chambers. Two children were victims of this and all that their parents can do is to revive them through mouth to mouth resuscitation. This is what the head of the former prison head of Camp 22 have witnessed and shared to the rest of the world.



There have been another disturbing human experiment conducted in the Soviet which involves searching for the perfect poison that won’t be traced during autopsy. They tried different substances just lie mustard gas, digitoxin, ricin as well as other harmful substances. These poisons were prepared on meals or drink to unknowing individuals.

They were able to obtain the perfect poison which they call C-2. Those who have observed the effects of the said poison explains that those who were victims of it shrank physically and lost their strength drastically until they eventually died after 15 minutes. There were different test subject varying with age and gender to get a more detailed study on the effects of this poison. This research was conducted in under the supervision of Pavel Sudoplatov and the victims were brought to him by Mairanovsky.



Another human experiment conducted was the Study of Untreated Syphilis. The common subjects were Negro male and was conducted in Tuskegee, Alabama. This happened for 30 years between 1932 to 1972. A total of 600 individuals on which 201 do not have syphilis were deprived medical service for the cure of syphilis. These individuals are included in the poor marginalized individuals in the society and most of them are illiterate. Those who came were given false diagnosis and were given a reason that they were simply having bad blood in their body. They were given promises like free medical treatment, meals and ride to the clinic. They even promised free burial service which appeals to these unknowing individuals.

The goal of the study is to determine whether those who are untreated would do better than those who are given real treatments which are high in dangerous toxic since this is the only available treatment back in 1932. The subjects were given placebo meds instead while the rest were totally denied of the treatment. Only 74 of those who were studied lived at the end of the study. Twenty eight of those men died due to the disease, 100 died of the complications syphilis has, most of their wives were affected while 19 of the children born with their parent with syphilis were diagnosed with congenital syphilis.



There were studies back during the Second World War conducted by the Imperial Japanese Army. This human experiment was lethal and has also been conducted during the Sino Japanese War. This atrocities were under the orders of Japanese Commander Shiro Ishii and was done in a place called Unit 731. The inhumane acts they have brought to others include the dissection of individuals even those who are pregnant of the doctors who are doing this atrocity, amputation and reattachment of body parts on another place in the body as well as the study on gangrene which requires subjects to have their affected part of the body to be frozen then thawed. Some of the individuals were raped just for them to be infected with gonorrhea and syphilis to study the effects of this when untreated. There were also incidents where humans are stuffed with grenades as a test case or even used as flame throwers.

Justice was not served since this sadistic commander was granted immunity from all the crimes he have committed which is the reason why he was never imprisoned. He diet of throat cancer at the age of 67.



The Nazis have been known as one of the most frightening group that walked the Earth and you may find them more horrifying when you read about these unheard stories. There have been several incidents of human experimentation which were conducted in their concentration camps particularly in Auschwitz which as supervised by Dr. Eduard Wirths. His human experiment involves the use of prisoners to develop certain cures that most of those in the military have to face during war time.

One of the most famous of this human experiments is what they do to twin just to prove a theory that they are genetically different. There was an instance where the twin was joined together. The rest of the experiments include tests to manipulate the genes entirely. This was under the supervision of Dr. Josef Mengele who is responsible for the tests. Only 200 individuals survived the test out of the 1500 who were in the study.

Another of their test involves the study of hypothermia where they undress individuals and put them in environments under freezing point while another experiment was made by forcing subjects to stay on ice water for three hours. These subjects were later rewarded in different methods.

The use of Sulfonamide as cure for infections was another test they’ve done to some prisoners. Subjects were infected with different kinds of bacteria that may cause infection to those in the battlefield. To yield other results, variables such as glass shards and wood shavings were applied in the wound. Other drugs were also used alongside sulfonamide to determine which is effective on battle wound.


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