People recall the horror of the Second World War whenever they hear the world Nazi. There are the thoughts of concentration camps, abusive soldiers and the frightening sound of gun fires during those times. However, aside of the dictator and abusive soldiers, the other dreaded characters during the Nazi regime are the ruthless doctors who have committed ruthless deeds and evil acts.



It’s hard to believe that a woman can cause unimaginable atrocity against others but Herta Oberheuser is one doctor you wouldn’t want to mess around. She had conducted a lot of terrifying acts using her profession at the Ravensbruck Concentration camp and she conducted terrifying human experiment on women and children.

Now we know what story inspired horror movies since this doctor have brought the word brutality one step higher during her time. This doctor would cut a wound on her subjects then deliberately contaminate the wound with either saw dust, rusty nail or glass shards, things that are commonly cause of infection for soldiers. You can only imagine the pain of her subjects as the experiments go on. Death isn’t also an option since she kills her victims to the point that they feel the agony and pain up to their last breath. She would inject them with oil or gasoline and once they’re dead, she would then amputate the limbs and get the organs for further experiments.

This doctor was imprisoned, eventually but this Nazi doctor served only 5 years in prison compared to the 20 years that was sentenced to her. It’s hard to imagine what good conduct has this individual shown during her imprisonment. Her medical license was revoked after she attempted to still practice her profession which caused an uproar.



There’s nothing better than having a good name and being able to hide your evil secrets during the time of the Nazi. Friedrich Mauz has successfully convinced others that he was against the Nazi regime. According to him, he was a moral doctor who fought against the Nazi regime behind their back. The doctor was able to make a fresh start since he was allowed to retain his license after the denatizification trial of 1946.

The doctor didn’t do well, though, since his profession which is psychotherapy was unpopular during the war time and his performance in his career wasn’t good as well. He served as the executioner doctor and dosed those who they seem worthless to live with lethal injection which earned him the name as the “adult euthanasia expert”. And he fooled a lot by making them believe that he was on the Anti-Nazi side the whole time.



There seem nothing wrong with Second Lieutenant Hans Eisele of the SS troops. He was also a doctor at the time and his story proves how power can really overpower the good inside a person. He was called “the angel” when he served at the Sachsenhausen Camp because of his kind treatment of the prisoners there. Things changed, though, when he was assigned as the physician in the Buchenwald Camp where his very person was corrupted until he was turned into a sinister monster.

Buchenwald was known to be managed by the most sadistic Nazis and the people around Eisele have turned him into “The Butcher of Buchenwald”. They would brutally conduct human experiments and would kill hardcore communist prisoners by injecting them with cyanide. This doctor would also conduct improper surgery that is hard to imagine.

The doctor was convicted after the war and was to face death on account of two separate trials but due to their groups’ plea, the sentence went down to ten years of imprisonment. Worst that happened was that he was eventually released earlier and even received compensation from the government since he was imprisoned by the enemy during the war. It was a silent 6 years for the doctor until another trial which revealed more of his atrocities. The doctor escaped and lived in Egypt as Carl Debouche.


1389.8 Holocaust G

Klaus Schiling is renowned for his expertise in tropical disease and was asked to do service to the regime during the Second World War since the Nazis are losing to malaria which is hindering the Nazi’s advances of North Africa. The doctor didn’t want to go to the place so he just used the concentration camp instead to test remedies.

The doctor intentionally infected the Polish Priests in Dachau with malaria and tried all his medical potions to the prisoners. He tried to convince that his act was for the good of mankind though not many are convinced with the explanation given by the doctor. The doctor was later sentenced to be hanged after the war.


Hubertus Strughold

Hubertus Strughold is considered as a legend by NASA. He is even considered the father of space medicine that he is celebrated every year by recognizing others who have contributed in aviation. The doctor, though, has a dark secret behind him that may want you to dishonor him instead.

Hubertus is the physician who has supervised the human experiments in Dachau where prisoners experienced brutal experiments like surgical procedures without the use of anesthetics and immersing individuals on freezing water. Like Schiling, this doctor believed that he is doing this for the good of all and in the name of science.

The doctor then migrated to Texas which may be the reason why he wasn’t included in the trial of Nuremberg. He contributed to the US space program greatly. Of course, it’s hard to make an evil person into a hero as much as how it is impossible to make an angel out of a demon.



Here is another story that shows how a person can be so indifferent over the plight of others. Enno Lolling was a medical officer and a camp doctor at Dachau Concentration Camp. He wouldn’t really pass as a camp doctor if not for his connections at the SS.

This doctor could’ve done something to ease the pain of the prisoners but he preferred not to have anything to do about it. Of course, he found human experimentation far more exciting in his career as a doctor in Dachau. The doctor even had his name on shipments that contain tattooed human skin. He committed suicide at the age of 56 in a hospital. We don’t know whether this doctor regret his indifference when he died but we just can’t care much.


1389.8 Holocaust I

Hygiene and Cleanliness are two words that we commonly read together in a passage. They are synonymous in a way. Same was true during the Nazi regime and they deem unclean everyone who were Jews, as well as other groups who were totally against the regime. The hygiene Hitler was talking about was more of the T4 program. And it was in the hand of the Joachim Mrugowsky, a senior hygienist at the SS who was at the center of it all.

This doctor was the one responsible for supplying hydrocyanic acid which was used to kill the people they deemed as “unclean”. The doctor was also there during the human experiments to unwilling subjects. The doctor was sentenced to death and was executed the year after.



If there was one person who mastered the art of euthanasia during the Nazi Regime, it will be Albert Widmann. This doctor was known in the euthanasia program of the Nazi and has participated on it. He was ruthless since he would also conduct sadistic killings to children as well as suggesting his insights on how to kill them. He was the man to call when a problem occurs like when the crematory is malfunctioning.

Widmann always sought ways to kill efficiently. The doctor once used patients from mental hospital and put them on two separate bunkers to test whether there will be survivors. This was a failure, luckily, since there were survivors. Sad part is that, despite these atrocities he only served six years and six months in prison after conviction.



Pathologist Friedrich Wegener became celebrated due to his discovery of a disease which is named after him. He was, though, just another Nazi loyalist during the time of Hitler. He served as a high ranking medical officer during the Nazi Regime and worked for different concentration camps.

His past with the Nazi was obscure since no crime was really pinned to him. It was believed, however, that the doctor participated in different atrocities during the regime. This speculation was due to the discovery of his fellow doctor who did a research on the article about the renowned doctor. Not much evidence about this was found but it is not easy to disregard the fact that he worked for the Nazi and may have known what his subjects were doing.



The Holocaust may be said to have sprung from the racial discrimination of Adolf Hitler over other races, the Jews in particular. He believed that the Aryans were the superior race and the rest are nothing. Fischer’s theories was the one that tried to explain this. The doctor had been fascinated with Eugenics, which is the belief on how to improve the genetic makeup of individuals.

Hitler was impressed by his works which made it as the basis of the bigotry in Nazism. Fischer was given a lot of liberties wherein he was allowed to do his experiments and even received funds from the regime. Though he refused to join the movement, he still found favor from the Nazi’s ruler.

The doctor was never put to trial and died at the age of 93.he didn’t dare mention his theories of murder in his memoir.

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