10 Snubs and Surprises from this year’s Golden Globe Nominations

This morning, the 2015 Golden Globe nominations were announced. Yes, the awards can be silly (does anyone still remember the The Tourist debacle from a few years ago?). And, apparently, only about ninety members of the Hollywood Foreign Press actually vote for these things. But the Golden Globes are still one of the oldest, most buzzed about industry awards, and an important precursor to the Oscars. Here are some of the biggest snubs and surprises from the nomination list.

quvenzhane wallis annie

1. Quvenzhane Wallis!

Although not many people were expecting Annie to be a major awards contender this year, the HFPA still found room for Quvenzhane Wallis for Best Leading Actress in a Comedy/Musical, and Sia for Best Song. For only starring in two films, Wallis has received more accolades than many actors four times her age. Go her!

unbroken oscar

2. Unbroken is Broken

Between mixed, unenthusiastic reviews, and a poor showing at both the SAGs and the Golden Globes (no nominations), the Angelina Jolie directed biopic is not off on the right foot. Unbroken may still receive a few Oscar nods, but Angelina Jolie can kiss her award chances goodbye. Again…she was nominated for The Tourist…The Tourist.

grand budapest hotel

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Still Open for Business

The spring released film may actually have a chance to do really well this Oscar season. Although a nomination for Best Musical Comedy and for Best Actor (Ralph Fiennes) were expected, the movie also received two surprising nods for its screenplay and direction. If the film can do as well at the Oscars it could prove that a film does not need a fall/winter release to play at the Oscars.

gone girl

4. Gone Girl is…Gone?

The film had an overall good morning. Nominations for its screenplay, writing, score, and lead actress (Rosamund Pike) is nothing to be embarrassed about. But the Best Drama snub is still suspicious.

jennifer aniston cake

5. Jennifer Aniston: Oscar Nominee?

The idea of Jennifer Aniston actually competing at the Oscars is becoming more and more of a reality. Between a Golden Globe nomination and a SAG nomination from a couple days earlier, Aniston is cementing herself as a contender. She is not a lock for an Oscar nod. She still has to compete against past Oscar favorites Amy Adams and Hilary Swank for that “5th slot.” But, man, she may be going through a career reinvention with Cake.

mad men

6. Mad Men Must be Mad

There was a time when Mad Men‘s name naturally appeared on every award list. But, now, things are starting to die down for the still critically acclaimed show. Mad Men was snubbed in all categories. I’m sure it will fare better for its last season, which will air sometime next year.

jane the virgin

7. Jane the Virgin is Golden

CW shows are usually left out of the big awards. However, Jane the Virgin proved that the CW was capable of creating quality award worthy shows. The comedy received a nomination for Best Comedy, while the show’s lead, Gina Rodriquez, received a Lead Actress nomination. The show became one of this year’s most critically acclaimed new shows. The nominations were definitely deserved.

veep season 3

8. Veep Snubbed

Ugh. This one hurts me personally. Although the show’s star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, received her usual nomination, the show itself was snubbed elsewhere. In fact, Veep has never been nominated in the Best Series category. What does the funniest comedy on television have to do to receive respect from this group? Keep in mind, it took a few years before the Golden Globes recognized Breaking Bad. For an award that prides itself on giving recognition to new shows and breakout actors, sometimes they can be cluelessly out of the loop.


9. Other Movie Snubs

Interstellar (only one nomination for score), American Sniper, The Homesman, The Skeleton Twins, and The Fault in Our Stars

modern family

10. Other TV Snubs

Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Masters of Sex, The Leftovers, Kingdom, Parks and Recreation, and The Big Bang Theory

Are there any other snubs and surprises I’m missing? Thanks for reading!

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