Aside from trying to grasp how serial killers’ mind works, another fact that is hard to comprehend is how does their wives seem to be the last people to know that their partner is a murderer. There has been an explanation from people whose field of studies is behaviour how these women seem to be oblivious of the evil deeds of their husbands. This may be denial or just being a regimented wife. There are even instances that even their own stories sound implausible. We have the 10 stories that will shock you and make you wonder the difference between the word ignorance and utter stupidity.


Yates_2nd_wifeWomen tend to easily jump to the conclusion that their partner is just being unfaithful whenever he does some shady things. This has been the situation of Linda Yates, wife of Robert Yates. For years, she had no clue that she was tied down to the serial killer of Spokane, Washington. She has to admit that her husband have some quite suspicious activities she simply ignored that since she thought that his husband might just be fooling around with other women.

However, it is hard to comprehend how one might not suspect when there is a lot of blood in the family van.  Robert Yate’s explanation about hitting a dog was easily accepted by Linda who just remained oblivious of the truth. There were also instances that he would come home with his clothes soiled and smelled funny, but he found no reason to suspect that her husband is a murderer.

What really troubled Linda was the rise in debt in their credit card statement as well as how their savings are wasted in things like Spa Tub as well as pay-per-hour motel which he excused to be a way for him to relax after work.

Robert also kept porn materials on their place, but that still didn’t make her suspect anything. She also had the knowledge that he was flirting with other women. What should have turned her off is the fact that he was a peeping tom to their neighbors by making a hole in the attic. With all these perverted acts, he even remained impotent with her.

The only time she caught him was when the police was already there with solid evidence to pin him down to the murders when they found a dead body on their yard.



Life was simple for Mrs. Darcie Brudos even if her husband, serial killer Jerome Brudos brought home a severed breast of a woman casted in a resin. It seems that there was nothing wrong with severed body parts of women in her house. She also wasn’t allowed to come inside some of the rooms inside her very own home.

It has been said that Darcie may also have her own psychological problems. She was too submissive to her husband even with his most ridiculous request. This is the reason why Jerome easily manipulated his spouse. It was also odd that Darcie never heard the faint sound of those women suffering inside one of the rooms inside their home. Jerome would sadistically abuse them sexually, hang them on hooks and play dress up with them while Darcie remained clueless about her husband’s acts.

There was also an instance that she ignored the photographs of naked women. There were also nights he left for his usual panty raid. Due to the overwhelming evidence that Darcie had and the fact that she might know something about the murders, she was also arrested by the police. She was later set free and divorced his serial killer of a husband. She moved away with her kids and changed her won name. Certainly, there is something wrong with their lives.



Mawson-Ridgway-Judith-93It was difficult for Judith Mawson to believe that her beloved husband, Gary Ridgeway, is the Green River serial killer. Despite the fact that he already confessed about the crime 2 years after his arrest, Judith still couldn’t believe that he has killed at least 70 people.

This serial killer and ignorant wife met on a bar. She found the man to be the perfect suitor. She recalled that he would make her smile every day and was the perfect husband in every way. From dating to going into a married life, Judith didn’t notice anything unusual about Gary.

Their marriage was a bliss and if Gary would excuse himself to go out early or went home late, it will be more about work. The only thing bizarre whe recognized was when she went home and found that the carpet was no longer there. Whatever lame excuse about how the carpet was destroyed and how an ex-girlfriend took away the bed, she believed.

When poor Judith discovered her husband’s secret, she plunged into depression and sought relief on alcohol. She recovered eventually and moved away with the children they have.


cathy wilson

Unlike, Judith Mawson, Cathy Wilson’s life was hell with her serial killer of a husband. This is the reason why she left him early. Peter Tobin would bring prostitutes to their house and let her watch the obscene acts he is doing with the girls. She was no more than a garbage to him and would even strangle her or toss the food she served on her.

At first, Cathy couldn’t leave this serial killer since he threatened that he’ll kill their toddler son. She was also forbidden to visit the basement just like how the other serial killers would warn their wives. Despite that, she only thought that he is simply a wife beater and not a sadistic serial killer.

A miracle happened to her life when Peter was imprisoned for drugs and sexual abuse to which the serial killer was sentenced for 14 years although he was given an early release. He killed another person and that’s when they discovered that this man is the serial killer responsible for the missing girls. Cathy discovered this when she was watching news and wrote a book about his sadistic, wife beating serial killer ex-husband.



To Mary Elizabeth Harriman, her husband Colonel Russel Williams is nothing but a respected army man of the Canadian Armed Forces. Of course, he had fooled her as well as his men. The question is how she didn’t have a clue when there are a lot of souvenirs stacked in both the houses they own.  Russel brought souvenirs of his kill along with him and placed them on boxes as well as newspaper clippings about the murders he have done.

The question is how the wife had no clue when for over 19 years, she should’ve discovered something. There were surely panties which she never owned that were around on boxes as well as sex toys she never used. It is hard to understand how she couldn’t have found any of this when she has the house for her own.

There’s a bit of a clue when there were rumors that she intended to divorce his husband. This claim was never founded since she held sealed all her financial records before the investigation.



One of the most terrifying of all the serial killers that ever walked the Earth is John Wayne Gacy and his wife, Carol Hoff, had no clue about the fact that she is married to one. They were married in 1972, years after Gacy was convicted for rape. The question is how she missed the facts when everything was there.

She reported that there was an awful stench from the basement which Gacy will explain to be from a dead mice. And why didn’t she ask her to take the dead mice away and have to suffer with that awful stench for years? We all know, though, that it was due to the rotting corpse Gacy have stashed in their home.

Also, he had already admitted to her that he is bisexual to her face and never had the intimacy they had before. The man even had his pile of homosexual porn magazines and would sometimes bring home teenage boys. It seems that she never watched TV and saw the news about young men, even those they know, gone missing. She wasn’t able to add things up to see that she’s been living with a serial killer.

She divorced him, eventually, when she no longer could cope with the marriage and Gacy’s personality. Still, it is how to comprehend how it never crossed her mind that her husband is a serial killer with all the strong evidence in front of her.



For three decades, Dennis Rader who is known as the BTK serial killer has been able to avoid being caught for three decades.  She is another wife who was surprised to find out that she’s been living with a serial killer when she thought that she had the perfect family guy in his arms.

It is obvious that Dennis Rader mastered the craft of being a serial killer and his double life was unseen by others even the wife who stood close to him. She almost caught him once when she found a poem about one of his victims, but she easily believed his husbands unbelievable story of being part of an activity in the university where he is teaching. The poem was later given to the police, but she didn’t recognize it when the poem was broadcasted. She once compared his poor spelling with BTK serial killer. She should’ve heard her husband’s voice, too, when his recordings were being played. Surely, she was ignoring the facts and was blinded with the man she thought could never do such horrible acts.



Julie Baumeister is either stupid, ignorant or blind but all the clues that she is married to a serial killer is there. She had the most solid evidence at hand which is a human skull his son have unearthed in the yard. Herb Baumeister, the notorious serial killer, have explained that it was from the medical school owned by his father. That would have been believable if only there was anything that comes along with it like a tag. She seems to care less since she excused that she’s been thinking of other household concerns.

It wasn’t like that was her only clue when she  heard that some of his friends came out missing after he’s been with him. Also, the fact that she’s been going to gay bars should have left her with some clues. She had always refused to let the police in and  when she did finally succumbed to them, she finally discovered that there were at least 11 men  buried on their yard. Herb was never detained since he committed suicide.



Alice Carignan was lucky enough since she severed her ties with Harvey Carignan also known as “Harv the Hammer”. He was cruel not only to Alice but also to her kids which is the reason why her eldest went back to live with his biological father.

The cruelty of Harvey may have been enough, but finding articles from women’s clothing like a button is her sign that she should leave. It would have been better, though if she found out more about this serial killer so she could’ve reported it to the cops.



Living for more than 30 years is enough to figure out that you’re living with a serial killer. But in Fayina Chikatilo’ case, even a hundred years won’t seem enough. She was married to Andrei Chikatilo who is believed to have raped first before snacking on his victims.

Of course, Fayina later realized that when the police discovered Andrei’s secret and have told the world about it. She has remembered cops going asking them about the murders and the possibility that her husband is a serial killer. It may happen to anyone, but there are other things like him being fired for molesting children should’ve given her light about her husband’s psychological state.

She was surprised to find out that there the killings were of sexual nature since it was Andrei who has told her that they can’t be sexually intimate anynore. When this serial killer confessed to the murders, his wife’s excuses sounded more of an alibi than the truth.


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