10 Unexpected Things You didn’t know Marilyn Monroe Loved

Many people believe that Marilyn Monroe, being the movie icon that she was, was only thrilled by diamonds and finery. Here are some of the things you never knew she loved.
10. Children

Even though Marilyn never had a child of her own, she adored children and always yearned for a baby.

9. Charity Work

Just like she love children, Marilyn also loved charity work. She was photographed throughout her career walking through children’s hospitals spreading cheer to young people. Marilyn kicked out the first ball at Ebbetts Field for charity soccer game between Israel and US.

8. Pets

Marilyn loved animals just as much as she loved children and charity work. She had her first pet when she was just a little girl, a dog she named Tippy.

7. Reading

Marilyn Monroe liked books. Though Marilyn never completed her high school education, she held a lifelong quest for knowledge that could be seen in her library.

6. Cooking

Marilyn Monroe loved to cook and make dishes to please those she loved. Some of her books sold at the Christie’s sale in 1999 were cookbooks. The books contained notes that she personally scratched into them.

5. Exercise

It was not uncommon for Marilyn Monroe to be seen jogging through the back allays of Beverly Hills as the sun was rising. She was also known to engage in calisthenics to keep her body in shape.

4. Gardening

Marilyn had interest in plants and she had a green thumb. Horticulture and plants interested her as well as books of that genre. Marilyn was photographed in her earlier days in Hollywood tending to her plants in her apartment.

3. New York

Marilyn liked New York. She visited New York several times prior to moving there and leaving Hollywood. She died in 1962 when she was technically a New York resident.

2. Foods and Champagne

Marilyn Monroe’s favorite foods were always washed down with champagne. She was a huge fan of champagne and her favorite was Dom Perignon.

1. Walks in the Woods

Marilyn Monroe enjoyed walks in the woods. She often walked through the woods surrounding their home.

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