10 Unique Exercises

Just in time for my next gym workout, I have decided to make a list of 10 unique exercises – which I personally tried and loved. These are great if you ever feel bored of your usual routine and seek for new ways to engage your muscles.

10. Lying Cable Curls

Next time when you are planning on doing barbell curls, try these instead.Done properly, this is a killer for your biceps.

  1. Suspended Ab Reverse Crunch

Just because crunches are boring, and suspension straps are awesome! Be careful not to fall though – won’t be a pretty picture.

  1. Spiderman Crawl

Great exercise to target your abs, but also requires you to use some of those shoulders an chest muscles. And the only drawback so far is… well, it does look kind of weird.

  1. Single Leg Hip Thrust

Girls, this is our stuff. This exercise works those glutes out like crazy!

  1. 90 Degree Raise with Stability Ball

Ever since I first tried doing some exercises with stability ball, I was hooked. It’s great for your stamina, improving flexibility and strengthening your core. You can do all kinds of stuff with it – planks, push-up, bridges, etc. My favorite though is – 90 degree raise (minute 53 in the video above). I know, maybe it is far from innovative, but just in case you forgot about it.

  1. Bosu Pushup

Are you a fan of pushups? No, me neither. But pushups on bosu are quite different; in a good way. Balancing on bosu is fun enough on its own; but once you are actually trying to do pushups – it becomes more challenging and more fun in fact. Be sure no one is watching when you are doing the exercise for the first time.

  1. Kettlebell Pistol Squat

When it comes to working out those quads, few things can beat well-performed squat. To alternate try doing pistol squats on your next leg day – or even better – make the exercise even more challenging by holding kettlebell.

  1. Tire Flip

This exercise is extremely popular among cross fitters – and for a good reason. Even though it targets quadriceps, it gets just to everything! Hams and calves, shoulders and traps, glutes and lower back – your whole body is involved in the movement. Be careful with your back though – and make sure you start extending through your hips.

  1. Floor Glute-Ham Raise

This has to be one of the best isolation movements to build massive hamstrings – it does hurt, but in a very good way.

1. 180 Jump Squats

I love to throw in a few cardio boosters between sets when I am working on my legs. This awesome plyometric move is my all-time favorite, keeps your heart rate up and works on those glutes and hamstrings as well!

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