10 Weird Baby Customs From Around The World

Many traditions around the world are fun and interesting, but there are some that are downright weird and even a little cruel. These are some that you will find quite bizarre.

10. Bathing newborn babies with boiling milk

This custom is found in certain parts of India. It is called Karaha Pujan. New born babies are bathed with boiling milk, often by their father.

9. Letting babies have their naps in sub-zero temperatures outside

Even to adults, that sounds cruel, but that’s what some babies in Sweden undergo. The parents consider it to be good for the babies.

8. Babies can’t touch the ground for three months after birth

This custom is practiced in Bali, Indonesia. Babies are prohibited from touching the ground for three months. They believe that letting the child touch the ground during this period would defile it.

7. Preserving the umbilical cord

This tradition is found in Japan. They consider the umbilical cord to be very important to the extent that the mothers keep it in a special box called Kotobuki Bako.

6. Bathing babies with cold water

Maya mothers from Guatemala commonly practice this ritual with the belief that it is beneficial to the baby’s health.

5. Letting the baby predict its future

This ritual is practiced in Armenia when the baby’s first tooth appears. The baby is laced on a table with various objects. They believe that the first object that the baby touches will foretell its future.

4. Forcing babies to cry

There is a festival in Japan called Nakizumo which is held every April in Tokyo’s Sonsoji Temple. Here, a competition is held in which babies and encouraged and even forced to cry. They believe that this will ward off evil spirits.

3. Spitting on babies

In Bulgaria, people pretend to spit on a baby after praising and admiring them. They believe that this will prevent the “Evil Eye” from taking away the baby.

2. Jumping over babies

In a Spanish village called Castrillo de Murcia, some parents allow their babies to be jumped over by a man in the belief that this will lead the babies on a path of a good life.

1. Throwing babies from Temple roofs

This is a very weird and dangerous tradition, but it’s what some Indians do to their babies. The babies are thrown from Temple roofs as high as 50 feet. They believe that this brings good luck and health to their babies.

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