10 weird facts about human teeth

Everyone of use has a mouthful of teeth. We use these ivories on daily basis, smiling at friends, mashing at food and many more. The human tooth is very strange and is surrounded by incredibly weird and wild facts like the ones discussed below.

1. Actors’ Teeth

Actors’ Teeth

Are the aware that there are some movie actors who visit the dentists to modify their teeth so they can fit heir role in the movie? For example, Brad Pitt had his tooth chopped so he could take the role of Tyler Durden in Fight Club movie.

2. The Norwegian Tooth Bank 

The Norwegian Tooth Bank

You’ve heard of sperm banks, blood banks and even banks full of eyeballs. But have you heard of tooth bank? Well. There is a tooth bank for milk teeth in Norway, and parents are encouraged to donate these from their children to the bank.

3. Teeth Tattoos

Teeth Tattoos

Most people have tattoos on the skin. Now we have people with tattoos on their tooth. The trend is becoming very popular these days.

4. The Fake Braces of Asia

The Fake Braces of Asia

In Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, braces are considered super cool. However, in the west, most people consider them to be ugly.

5. Budha’s Teeth


Budha’s Teeth

Budhists have a number of holy objects. Many of them are plucked from Budha’s own body including his teeth. Budha’s left canine is on display in a Temple in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka.

6. John Lennon’s Tooth

John Lennon’s Tooth

John Lennon was a rock star in the 1960s. He gave his rotten molar to his housekeeper, Dot Jarlett. He though it would be a great gift for her Beatlemaniac daughter. The tooth stayed in the Jartlett family until 2011 when they sold it for over $30,00 to Michael Zuk, a dentist. Michael Zuk uses to tooth to draw attention to mouth cancer and he has plans to use it to clone John Lennon! This plan may come to pass in the year 2014.

7. The incredibly Creepy Jesus Statue

The incredibly Creepy Jesus Statue

If you visit San Bartolo, a small town outside Mexico, you will find a figurine that’s a little more lifelike that most other statues found in the Catholic Church.

8. The Boy With 232 Teeth

The Boy With 232 Teeth

Ashik Gavai was found to be suffering from a complex composite odontoma. This resulted in a benign tumor tumor growing on his jaw and turned his gums into a tooth factory. Doctors removed 232 teeth from his mouth.

9. The Man with a Tooth in His Nose

The Man with a Tooth in His Nose

A man found himself bleeding quite often. When he got tired of shoving cotton balls in his nose, he decided to visit a doctor. The doctor found a tooth growing in the man’s nostril.

10. Tooth-Eye Surgery

Tooth-Eye Surgery

This is a surgical operation that involves using a person’s tooth to restore his/her vision. The operation is referred to as modified osteo-odonot-keratoprosthesis.


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