10 Weirdest Chocolate Flavors

Zotter is a chocolate manufacture, established in Vienna in 1999. Every chocolate connoisseur is familiar with the brand for one simple reason – Zotter flaunts some of the world’s craziest chocolate combos. Below you will find the top 10 weirdest chocolate flavors – and believe it or not, but some of them are easily the best you’ll ever have!

10. Mulled Wine

10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Christmas spice are blended in “Mulled wine” bar

Wonder what Christmas smells like? Have a bite of Zotter’s Mulled Wine chocolate bar. Red wine, spiced with cinnamon and candied orange zest, is essentially Christmas; coat it with milk chocolate – and you’d fly right into gourmet heaven!

  1. Apples & Carrots with Ginger
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Your portion of healthy veg in “Apples and carrots”

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, apples contain fiber, ginger –vitamins b6 and b5; chocolate make them all edible – what’s your excuse not to try this chocolate bar loaded with healthy ingredients?

  1. Ayurvedic Relaxation
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Relaxation made easier with “Ayurverdic Relax” bar

After the first bite you stop wondering what can be possibly so relaxing about the combination of dates, cinnamon and sesame. After you’ve eaten the entire bar… you don’t even care how many calories you have just consumed.

  1. Cheese-Walnut-Grapes
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Cheese platter in “Walnut – Cheese – Grapes” Bar

Basically a cheese platter trapped inside delicate dark chocolate. Irresistible treat for anyone who, despite puzzled looks of the crowd, orders cheese for dessert.

  1. Organic Beer
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Now you can eat your pint too

Beer, hazelnuts, a dash of spice, extra dark chocolate topping – the result is surprisingly delicious. You’d probably still prefer liquid beer to enjoy a football match, but once your team wins – this would be a good treat to celebrate it.

  1. Real Bacon Spectacle
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Bacon + chocolate is truly a union made in heaven

Now I know that Americans are big on bacon since God knows when, and have managed to incorporate it successfully in the number of sweet dishes. But! How about a chocolate bar with pronounced bacon flavor and crispiness of almond nougat? That’s what I call fusion cuisine!

  1. Typically Austrian
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Poppy seeds are “Typically Austria” delight

Fields of poppy seeds in the Waldviertel (Forest Quarter in the Lower Austria) has clearly served as an inspiration for this chocolate bar – poppy seeds are caramelized and further paired with walnut nougat and cinnamon.

  1. Hempseeds and Mocha
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Hemp seeds are even better with coffee mousse layer

If you are having trouble sleeping, this bar definitely won’t alienate the symptoms. On the other hand, once you finish, chances are you would not even remember why you have stopped sleeping in the first place.

  1. Hokkaido Lime
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

“Hokkaido Lime” also features local dry white, spices, sesame and white chocolate

Caramelized Hokkaido squash – check. Dry white wine from Austria – check. White chocolate – check. Apricots – check. Limes – check. Sesame nougat – check. And no, this is not a grocery list. These are ingredients of a small, weighing only 2 ounces, chocolate bar. And you know what? As insane as it sounds, this is actually painfully delicious.

  1. Hummus Street Art
10 weirdest chocolate flavors

Apparently “Hummus” is even better if you coat it with dark chocolate

Chickpeas and chocolate. Chocolate and chickpeas. You can’t wrap your mind it around it, right? Well, the only possible remedy I can see is giving this combo a try. I personally found out that smooth and naturally sweetened hummus actually blends pretty well with pleasantly bitter dark chocolate; and spices, which seem to be much beloved by the Zotter’s chocolatiers, complement either of the two.





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