1 – Nicola Tesla is the name of the game!

Nicola Tesla - Father of electronics engineering

Nicola Tesla

Every electronic engineer have to know who is Tesla and why he is so important for electronics engineering. Nicola is founder of alternative current so biggest contributer to pain in the ass of electronics engineering students.

2 – The killer questions on exams are never shown in class

Difference between Exam and Class Sheets

Why do you think this iconic picture has transistors in it?

3 – No girl detected

We really need to date somebody

You can not see any girl in the faculty, even a ladies bathroom!

4 – You are assumed to be handy!

handy man - poor electronics engineer

When a phone or TV of your relatives is broken, who do you think they call?

5 – You can’t tell people difference between electrics and electronics engineering?!

Electronics engineering vs. electrics engineering

I told you, really, you can’t!

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