10 Surprising Things in the Bizarre Life of Nikola Tesla



Nikola Tesla is now an icon admired by a growing number of individuals who use the internet. This renowned inventor and eccentric scientist have sparked the interest of millions around the world. Just like the usual stories, he is said to be a mad scientist whose brilliance wasn’t credited in his own field in Science. It has been long found that Nikola Tesla is eccentric and has a few psychological issues like OCD and the fact that he is said to have autism. However, as we all know now, his brilliance is indisputable despite his imperfection and many of his contemporaries in his days doubted that genius in him.




There are so many claims by individuals who have mingled with Nikola Tesla that he has a very good memory to the extent that he remembers everything he thinks of without the need of writing them down. Tesla is said to have a photographic memory or eidetic memory. This impressing capacity of Tesla’s brain is possible since a lot of researches have proven that this capacity of certain individual’s brain exists.

The claim that Nikola Tesla has an eidetic memory was never been proven scientifically though it is possible that he has a good visual memory just like the other renowned scientists and inventors. Another fact that remains is that Tesla kept notes contrary to the belief that he didn’t take one although these notes disappointed most individuals in the scientific world when they discovered that there is nothing that is related to scientific knowledge or can be used in the field.




A lot of individuals who admire Nikola Tesla have been dismayed with the fact that a man with such a brilliant mind died with a lot of debts and have lived financially burdened. The fault isn’t about the people around him, but it is his own ways that caused him to do so. One factor that may not be blamed all in him is the fact that Thomas Edison used Tesla’s ideas. Also, some of his inventions were not patented which may have earned him a lot of money. Tesla is the type of person who doesn’t care about the earnings from his works and he would have spent all his riches if he ever acquired that much wealth.
It has been known that Nikola Tesla has a problem with the compulsive need to spend the money he has. All his projects and inventions required huge amount of money while he lived luxuriously in hotels. It is even said that this brilliant scientist have such a hard time establishing a place to stay that he is frequently evicted in all the hotels where he lives. He also finds it hard to pay those debts he owes from his friends which are the reason why he lived in a poor state before he died. The only thing he left on the places he stayed is his notes which the management finds useless.

Nikola Tesla owed a lot from the government as well due to the taxes he has evaded. All Tesla could do is to prove that he is penniless and have to serve the Waldorf family for almost all his life. If Tesla didn’t live in luxury whenever he gets a hold of money, then he may have paid all his debts from his friends as well as to the government.




Nikola Tesla has a lot to say back on his days. These claims are, usually, founded on nothing and have no basis at all which, usually, would ruin the reputation of his contemporaries and even scientists of today. These claims, crazy as it sounds, are often asserted right before studies and experiments were announced in public by other scientists. However, Tesla uses these absurd claims for his own purpose which makes him one of the most clever scientists there is today.
One of the known claims that Nikola Tesla declared was that he was receiving radio transmissions from those who lives in Mars just right before Marconi started tests related to radio signals. Tesla even said that he has the technology for the rest of the world to be able to communicate with individuals living on other planets in the Solar System. He even made a project which is a torpedo after he just got laid off by others as well as a death ray that is so powerful that it can destroy anything it hits.
The public viewers as well Nikola Tesla’s admirers were very impressed by all the statements Tesla made to the media that they believed that his mind is so advanced compared to the other scientists and inventors during his days. The problem is that not everyone believes his claims just like scientific communities who just dismiss the man as a braggart and a Loony. Whatever these scientific minds claimed about Nikola Tesla, it won’t take away the fact that he had contributed a lot in the world of science thought his claims are commonly farfetched.




It is weird enough to know that Nikola Tesla has absurd claims about his communication with Martians but what’s more bizarre is the fact about him is that he openly declares that he also have perceived visions on his head about things to happen. According to Tesla, one of his visions occurred after his nervous breakdown back then which is caused by lack of sleep which is very important for the brain to function properly. He recalled that he was walking with an old friend back then when it happened.
This estrange scientist claimed that he saw on his vision that he was able to assemble as a whole his AC motor and even drew the plan on dirt. Of course, we should also know that he has been planning for this for six years which is the reason why he might just be lying or he was just recalling something from his subconscious part of his brain.

The next vision Nikola Tesla saw came late in his life about the pigeons he cared a lot for. According to him, there was a white pigeon that came to him one night while being alone his hotel room and was distinct from the rest of the pigeon out there since it seems to have a strong feeling of affection towards him. On that vision still, Tesla claimed that there were two beams of light flashing before that whispered that he will die soon after he finishes all his works.




It is hard to believe most of Tesla’s claim especially about his visions since many individuals would just claim that he is hallucinating which is an effect of lack of sleep. Nikola Tesla barely rests and would work nonstop on his projects. He would go to sleep at around 5 in the morning then wake up at about ten in the morning. It may sound hard to imagine that, but Tesla has even claimed that most of the five hours he spent on sleeping were spent on thinking still which leaves him only two hours of actual sleep. Of course, he claims that he also gives himself those 5 hours of sleep annually which is already a luxury to him. Although his mind was still on his projects even while asleep.
Just like others who experience insomnia, there are a lot of effects on both Tesla’s mind and body with the lack of sleep he has. Of course, no one believes that Nikola Tesla spends just two hours of sleep a day and most dismiss this as an exaggeration. There was an instance when attendants from the hotel found Tesla in a Tran state and unaware of the things going on around him. This might be him sleeping on his Tran state which is the effect of lack of sleep.



We all know for a fact that Marconi is the one who invented radio, but certain individuals believe that the credit should be given to Nikola Tesla instead. The fact remains that 17 of the devices used by Marconi were all patented under Tesla’s inventions. Marconi almost found it hard to patent his inventions due to this fact which was later settled in court that went to Marconi’s side.

This left Nikola Tesla distraught and depressed when he found out but of course, he really didn’t have much to show to support his claim about the radio. Another fact why Tesla wasn’t credited with the radio is the fact that he doesn’t understand how the waves in electronics work since he stated that these waves are faster than light. It was even believed that the only one who claims that he invented radio was himself.




One of the most intriguing projects that Nikola Tesla made was the Wardenclyffe tower which he claimed to transmit communication signals as well as sustain a huge amount of electricity for the whole world. However, this is also the worst failure Tesla has in his life. He was granted $150, 000 by J.P Morgan out of the million dollars he asked since the latter wasn’t all that confident about the result.
Nikola Tesla immediately proceeded in the projects as soon as he received the funding’s. Tesla hired laborers who constructed the tower exactly how he planned it to be. He claimed that the earth will be the conductor which will cause the earth to shake since it went several hundreds of feet under the ground.

Those believed in Tesla’s mind blamed the lack of funding to be the reason why the project failed. Morgan refused to add more funding to the project since the results of the project were useless no matter how much Tesla begged him to add more funds.

A lot of individuals these days inspected the error that might’ve occur with the tower made by Nikola Tesla and found more questions that do not have answers. Due to the much knowledge about science we have today, more individuals question how the tower could work. They also do not understand how Tesla’s invention could accomplish the task. Most of all, many wonder what it really is intended for as well as its purpose.



There were rumors before that both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were candidates for receiving the Nobel Prize. However, it is also believed that due to the rivalry of the two prominent inventors, the Nobel Prize was given to someone else. The rumor that Tesla and his rival were to be awarded was from The New York Times and said that there would be a joint Nobel Prize during that year.

The Nobel Prize committee denied this fact and was even surprised by the news since they said that there was already an appointed winner that year and it is neither Nikola Tesla or Edison. And even if the two inventors were having a rivalry, they wouldn’t have withdrawn the award just because of that. In the end, neither received the Nobel Prize in their lifetime.





A lot of individuals believed that Nikola Tesla failed in life due to the lack of funding he received during his days. Others believed that this is a gross injustice for such a great mind that could’ve make a lot of amazing inventions. Of course, a further research would debunk this claim about Tesla.

It is true that not all his works were funded to the full extent, but Nikola had received a lot of funding from rich sponsors way back then. Tesla even received funds from great individuals like J.P Morgan. Along with Edison, they were stars in the field of inventions during their times.
You may think that Nikola Tesla is apart from the world; a genius who is aloof. This is found to be untrue since it is said that the man kept showing off. Tesla experienced the much attention he needed with the crowd who gathers around him whenever he introduces a new invention. The press people also loved hum a lot since they can talk about his inventions. These facts make every claim that was made about him.




It is said that Nikola Tesla was able to make an “Earthquake machine” before which he smashed to pieces before the police arrived to check what’s happening on his place. According to the myth, Tesla was testing one of his Resonance machine which later caused the ground around him as well as the areas around his building to shake.

The story circulated to the public and Nikola Tesla would even tell it to others. He even claimed that the invention could split the Earth like an apple if he wanted it to happen. There was even a story that Tesla made wherein he tried this invention on a tower, but later backed off in fear of the damage he caused to the tower. There was no substantial evidence to back up his story, though.

Not everyone was fooled by his claim and many are not convinced by this claim. The story made by Nikola Tesla was even featured in Mythbusters where they put the device to the test to check its validity. It is true that the device can cause powerful vibrations however it won’t be strong enough to create anything like an earthquake. It was found that this is just another exaggerated claim by this genius who is the one and only Tesla.

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  1. Ender October 6, 2014

    You are wrong on radio patent. Marconi used his connections to english aristocracy and corporate America which included Tesla’s enemy Edison to reverse Tesla’s patent on radio. HOWEVER, US Supreme Court in 1943.. restored Tesla’ s unjustly taken patent. Therefore, Tesla WAS and IS inventor of radio.

  2. Josip December 2, 2014

    Nikola Tesla was a genius beyond any reasonable doubt. Alternative current, we are using today, is his success story. Also Tunguska disaster was probably caused by his experiment (time and place fit). He has also driven his electric car powered by Earth magnetic field. Much of his papers and hardware are still classified top secret. About bad stories of his conduct and claims: well, we know it better, after Snowden and Assange, how the media smearing works.

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