Top 10 most important notebooks in history

Top 10 most important notebooks in history

These books have played important part in history. They are found in almost very shop. Some have influenced the philosophical thought while others have illuminated the theory behind the origin of species. Below are list of Top 10 most important notebooks in history 10. Beethoven’s ‘conversation notebooks’ Beethoven was an acclaimed composer. His books were just ..

10 Weird Baby Customs From Around The World

10 Weird Baby Customs From Around The World

Many traditions around the world are fun and interesting, but there are some that are downright weird and even a little cruel. These are some that you will find quite bizarre. 10. Bathing newborn babies with boiling milk This custom is found in certain parts of India. It is called Karaha Pujan. New born babies …

10 Notable Reactions to the Ferguson Decision

10 Notable Reactions to the Ferguson Decision

On August 9, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown, an eighteen year old African American, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. Since that moment, there have many debates about race relations in America. Rioters gathered on the streets of Ferguson. On November 24, after reading through testimonies and evidence, a grand …

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Human cannibalism is the worst crime one can ever imagine. The reasons one would do such an evil act may be due to several reasons like survival or sexual fetish. Only read if you are strong enough to face the reality that this happened and if your heart can take it. ALFERD PACKET One of …

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10 Human Cannibalism in History

There are tales of human cannibalism in the history of mankind. The common reason for this is to sustain their need for food though most of us will find this reason unacceptable. These incidences of consuming another human being have occurred many times in history, believe it or not and we have provided you ten …

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  People recall the horror of the Second World War whenever they hear the world Nazi. There are the thoughts of concentration camps, abusive soldiers and the frightening sound of gun fires during those times. However, aside of the dictator and abusive soldiers, the other dreaded characters during the Nazi regime are the ruthless doctors …

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All the major religions have their different views about what will happen after an individual passes away. There are some that teach that it leads to a life full of blessings and pleasure while others describe afterlife as a place of torment and misery run by unjust underworld gods. These religions have their own representative …

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There are more than ten thousand sects of Christianity today and the number that keeps growing. We commonly hear about the Roman Catholic Church as well as other mainstream Christian churches like the Seventh Day Adventist. These Christian sects are commonly classified as Agnostics who pride themselves in avoiding temptation of the world. VENERATION OF …

Top 10 Influential Fictional People

Top 10 Influential Fictional People

Many real life people like Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey are deemed to be very influential people. But some people are more influential than these people even though they are not even real. In fact, there must be hundreds of them, which unfortunately we cannot all cover in just a post. Instead, we …

10 Tragedies Caught in Haunting Images

10 Tragedies Caught in Haunting Images

Warning: Some of the images shown in this list might make you uncomfortable. Photographs are our way of capturing a moment in time, to preserve that segment of our lives possibly forever, or deaths in this case. Most of these moments are worth a thousand of words, but the pictures you are about to see …

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Aside from trying to grasp how serial killers’ mind works, another fact that is hard to comprehend is how does their wives seem to be the last people to know that their partner is a murderer. There has been an explanation from people whose field of studies is behaviour how these women seem to be …

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READ BEFORE PROCEEDING- this article contains descriptive writing that may offend some of our readers since these human experiments happened in real life. There are many studies that used real human beings. These human experiments include individuals from different backgrounds like prisoners, slaves and even family members of those conducting the study. There are also …