Top 10 Children’s Movies that entertained Adults

A good film bonds a family and most of the time, it’s the kids who are to decide what to watch whenever there is time to bond together. The truth is that adults also find some children’s movie to be entertaining. Here are a few movies that have impressed both children and kids-at-heart.


Wall-E: I love Earth

Wall-E is one of the movies that are not only funny but it has its own lesson which is the reason why everyone should watch this. It is a story about how the love for the planet can move even a robot to do the right thing. This film was created by Pixar and has received good reviews from those who have watched the movie.


Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

I have watched this story back when I was in High School and felt a little childish. Anyway, it was hired by my brother who is 7 years older than me and there were no kids to be considered at home so I really wondered why he hired this movie. Anyway, I am grateful since it brought a lot of smiles and laugh on a rough day. I couldn’t help but smile as i recall the movie now.


The Iron Giant


This is another memorable movie of Pixar which was directed by Brad Bird. Mind you, they used traditional animation on this movie which means that it was drawn page by page which is a manual work. I know how hard to make a traditional animation since I studied and have earned a National Certificate on Traditional Animation (I passed through a needle’s eye). The story, nonetheless, is about an extraterrestrial who came to earth and meets a young boy. It tells of a story of friendship beyond


The Muppet Movie



Who could forget the Muppets movie? This movie received great reviews from movie audiences. This is the story that has taught kids and adults lessons while making them laugh on their seat. Of course, Kermit the frog’s role is the most memorable in this movie.




This movie is far from possible but the way the story was told was amazing. My mouth was watering while i imagined the food being cooked. Paris was well depicted and everything was great about the setup of the movie. It is the movie that convinced me to cook no matter how many times i have already failed in the pursuit. It was really inspiring and I couldn’t forget the face of the food critic when he discovered who cooked the meal and still went eating in the restaurant even after his discovery.



Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

What i loved about this movie is how the two major animation studios collaborated. Isn’t it funny watching Bug’s Bunny and Mickey Mouse together in one movie when everyone knows they are rivals and represents Warner Brothers and Disney, respectively? Well, of course, we now know that even detectives fail on details and the culprit may be the person just right before you. Most of all, it shows that cartoons will always be at the hearts of both adults and children.



Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Darby O’Gill and the Little People is another product of Disney and had won the hearts of millions. This is quite an old movie, a classic in every sense of the word. Even in a more modern world, it is sometimes good to watch this kind of movies since it brings memories of childhood to adults while kids will find entertainment on the story.


The SpongeBob Square pants Movie

Who doesn’t know SpongeBob Squarepants? Seldom is a person who hasn’t heard of this famous cartoon character. I have watched this movie twice and well, what you may not notice is that no matter how immature the movie is (the theme is about maturity) you will find that every character in the movie represents type of individuals in our society. Well, all I can say is that I’m a certified “Goofy Goober”.



The Incredibles

This is truly a movie for the whole family since it shows some problems that really exists in real life on every members in the family. For the fathers, it is easy to relate to Mr. Incredible since there are times that you may want to do the things that brought the adrenaline rush. Wives also have the tendencies to suspect that their partners are doing something behind their backs while the kids could see the problem with this and are disturbed by what’s happening. The story is well weaved which makes it the perfect movie for the family.



The Nightmare Before Christmas

I usually find souvenirs of this movie and wondered what the hell is good about the movie. That was until i watched the movie that i realized why a lot of people are praising it. This is one of Disney’s masterpieces which teach a lot of lessons to kids as well as adults. The settings is on Halloween town where all sorts of characters in nightmares live. The main character is Jack who usurps the role of Santa Claus. Another character is Sally who falls for Jack. Tim Burton should really be praised for this movie.


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