Top 10 most important notebooks in history

These books have played important part in history. They are found in almost very shop. Some have influenced the philosophical thought while others have illuminated the theory behind the origin of species. Below are list of Top 10 most important notebooks in history

10. Beethoven’s ‘conversation notebooks’

Beethoven was an acclaimed composer. His books were just published in full by Walter Nohl of Munich after being the most prized possession of the Berlin State Library’s Music Department.

9. Hemingway’s notebooks

Hemingway was seldom seen without a notebook. Moleskin boasts about being the successor to the legendary notebook used by thinkers and artists over the past two centuries.

8. The Fairchild notebooks

The Fairchild notebooks were crucial to our computerized world today. They help in he development of microelectronics and also launched the growth of Silicon Valley.

7. Thomas Edison’s notebooks

Thomas Edison was an inventor. He used notebooks to organize notes on his innovations and inventions.

6. Heidegger’s black notebooks

Heidegger was a German Philosopher. His black notebooks sparked controversy when they were published in March 2014. Heidegger was considered a seminal thinker in the Continental tradition. He became professor of philosophy at Freiburg.

5. Sartre’s notebooks

Jean-Paul Sartre was a philosopher. Works published during his life showed he agreed with some of Hegel’s philosophy about human struggle but rejected some of the aspects of the philosophy.

4. Charles Darwin’s notebooks

Charles Darwin is well remembered for his Theory of Evolution. He kept diaries in notebooks throughout the Beagle voyage that would lead him to think of the theory of evolution.

3. Albert Einstein’s notebooks

Albert Einstein is mostly remembered for his theory of relativity. He kept a notebook to record his calculations and ideas. 80,000 documents written by or addressed to him were published online by Hebrew University of Jerusalem in March 2012.

2. The Prison notebooks

These are a series of notebooks that were written by Italian Marxist Antonio Grasci while he was imprisoned in 1920 by the Fascist regime for being the founder and the leader of the Communist party.

1. Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks

These notebooks are famous because they were written in mirror script – from left to right. According to some people, this was to make them harder to decipher, but it may just have been because da Vinci was left-handed.

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