Top 10 Influential Fictional People

Many real life people like Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey are deemed to be very influential people. But some people are more influential than these people even though they are not even real. In fact, there must be hundreds of them, which unfortunately we cannot all cover in just a post. Instead, we choose some of the most influential fictional people ever existed.

1. Santa Claus


Most of the children in the world are scared of doing naughty things thanks to Santa, who is making them behave or he’ll give them coals for Christmas. Almost all of the children in the West were warned by their parents that Santa would not give them a give or give a coal if they are naughty. This is a very effective way of controlling you child’s tantrum, and I am speaking here out of experience. This fear does dissipates as Christmas Day arrive, as you are sure that Santa will come even if you have been naughty yourself.

2. Barbie


Barbie have taken a lot of forms, from being a pretty young woman whom all girls aspire to be, to something as extreme as looking like a harlot. We always wonder whether it was Barbie who influence the children, or the children influencing Barbie. Barbie has transform into almost all the possible female persona, and there is no doubt that they have been in every woman’s childhood life and possibly aspired them to what they are now.

3. Robin Hood


There is still potentially a debate whether Robin Hood had ever existed or not, and I am pretty sure that he did not. We have all heard about the justification of thieving by the reason that the victims are already wealthy, they would still have a lot of money left. Where else would this justification come from? None other that our hero Robin Hood. He also influenced the principles of redistribution of wealth that a lot of us live under here in the West. But the fact that we believe him to be a hero when in fact he is just a thief. Just because he help the poor by his loot doesn’t justify the fact that he still steals from people. People accepts taxes because of the belief of the good morality of the story of Robin Hood.

4. Cowboys – in general


We talked about Barbie earlier, this time we talked about what boys aspire to be when they were young. Almost every boy have played and dressed up as cowboys. The cowboy was that hero with a shiny gun that represented the Western ideals of morality like manliness, justice, and the protection of the weak. Now, you might say that cowboy are real, that they actually exist in this world, but I am referring to the stereotype of cowboys, or cowboys in general. Many cringe at the wrong representation of cowboys, and many blames this to the cowboy movie genre.

5. The Marlboro Man


Men don’t smoke filtered cigarettes when Marlboro Man first appeared, as he was just a campaign to get men to smoke filtered cigarettes. Before this campaign, filtered cigarettes are basically made for women, “real men” didn’t smoke them. The aim of the campaign was to change this, to get men to smoke filtered cigarettes. At the end, we could say that the campaign was very influential and successful, as almost all men now smoke filtered cigarettes. This campaign is now considered one of the best campaign ever conducted, as it transformed a women’s campaign with the slogan “Mild as May” into a men’s campaign in just a matter of months.

6. Rosie the Riveter


Now we go back to the girls. You may not know Rosie the Riveter by name, but you certainly would recognize her picture. She told women that they can do anything, and they believed her! She encouraged housewives to get out of the comfort of their home to work at the factories to help during the war. She was probably the most influential woman during the Second World War. Once women began to work, they never stopped. Working women in jobs traditionally done by men should thank Rosie the Riveter.

7. Daedalus and Icarus


The two mythological character, Daedalus and Icarus, inspired men to take to the sky and fly. Daedalus’s building of mechanical wings for his son Icarus made way for us to be able to travel the world in just a day. It inspired men to make airplanes, to discover what is beyond the sea and the sky. Without them, traveling would have still have been by boats, taking days, or months, to get where you want to be.

8. The Little Engine That Could


The Little Engine That Could is a story that tells how optimism, believing in yourself, and hard work could get you where you want to be. The book first appeared in 1906, being slightly different from the version that is available today. It was considered by many as metaphor for “the American Dream”. The book’s popularity also gave way for a lot of the self-help and optimism seminars and books that are available today. It made us believe that we can gain achievements by helping and encouraging ourselves.

9. Big Brother


Even though he is just relatively new, Big Brother has a great influence in a lot of social protests that he deserve a spot in this list. Whenever the government passes a new restrictive law, his name would come up every time. As does he whenever the law feels like it removes some of our freedom.  We all recognize his face, and we are all scared of the potential that he might govern our live by means of his real life counterpart. Even though he is just a part of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, he is still a very influential person.

10. Romeo and Juliet


These two lovers are to blame for our idea of a “perfect love” or a “perfect relationship”. Romeo and Juliet are also responsible for the staggering number of divorces in our country. Couple seek the passionate romance that these two people have in their marriage, and when they don’t feel it, they then think that the marriage have failed. Even though in reality, just respect, love, and charity is all whats needed in a beautiful and everlasting marriage.

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