Top 10 Ways You Launch a Pumpkin

How far can you launch a pumpkin? It is a question many across the world ask. You may not know, but in several cities each September and October there are small pumpkin launching festivals aka Pumpkin Chunkin’ Events. A shot made in 2010 made it 5,545 feet ending up in the Guinness World Records.

What makes pumpkin launching so entertaining? Perhaps you are unaware, but this festivity got a partial start as a fun way to get rid of old pumpkins. It turned into a huge festival competition as more people wondered how they could launch pumpkins farther. But do you think mechanical equipment belongs in this game of toss or perhaps you feel an old fashion trebuchet can win out every time?

  1. Pneumatic Air Canons


Working on air this canon uses pressure to launch the pumpkin. You might recognize this concept from the small potato launcher versions that have been popular for years. Pneumatic air canons can reach over five thousand feet.

  1. Propane Powered Canon


Rather than air, this launcher uses propane as the power source to force a pumpkin thousands of feet across the field. This wacky pumpkin might look simple from afar, but it takes extreme power to send a huge pumpkin up into the sky and down the field.

  1. Generator Powered Canon


Set up on the back of a truck, this pumpkin launcher uses a generator for power. Several choices exist for these canons from ground launchers to the truck option.

  1. Pumpkin Toss


Do you have the power to toss a pumpkin? Thousands try from tossing it like a shot put to simple tosses in the air. It is probably not the greatest force to get it town a field, but worthy of Renaissance power.


  1. Slingshots


Here is an oldie but a goodie—slingshots have offered accuracy, power, and great pumpkin damage. Do you think you could hit the goal?

  1. Torsion Machines


What do you get with a truck bed, springs, and ropes? You get pumpkin torsion machines capable of launching pumpkins using old and new technology.

  1. Catapult


You might have thought catapults belong in museums never to be used again. Yet, each year teams come out for Halloween fun to launch pumpkins a fair distance. The castle walls are no longer standing, but buried under orange fruit.

  1. Centrifugal Machines


It spins and launches. Centrifugal machines work in different ways such as the truck where ropes are used to spin the launcher. With centrifugal force made by the spin the pumpkin launches across the field.

  1. Trebuchets


Trebuchets are one of the most misunderstood machines in existence. They are not catapults, which are simple buckets pulled back. Trebuchets have a mixture of cords, slingshot basket, and pendulum that sends pumpkins flying for hundreds of feet before ultimate destruction occurs.

1. Pumpkin Bowling


The cutest way to launch pumpkins is with the ole two handed bowling technique. If you can roll it you can win!



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