Top Ten Kitty Apps From Useful to Useless

We are a long way from Atari games. Over 100 kitty apps are available for desktop, laptop, and all mobile devices like iPhone and Samsung. They run from the useful to the unique. Die hard cat fans may suffer withdrawal being away from their cute, furry loved ones all day. Thankfully apps have come to the kitty rescue warding off depression, angst, and frustration. Not only are these apps appropriate for the human kitty caretaker, but worthy of keeping fluffy entertained all day long.

10. Cat First Aid

Kitties are curious fellows. They love to get into anything and everything from chewing and swallowing plastic to eating grass. You might need a little kitty first aid should they get into something unpleasant.

9. Cat Training


Got a kitty who loves to walk? Perhaps you want to train them to stay off the counters? This is the app for you so you can look up helpful hints while attending to your fuzzy feline.

8. MyPets Info


Vet visit? New vet perhaps or you just can’t remember your kitty’s favorite side dish while at the store? This app is functional for all types of pet needs. It keeps track of their registration, tag number, GPS locator chip, and all the weight, height, and personal details. Lost a kitty- no problem cause you can forward this info to pet finders across the nation.

7. Indy Cat


Just plain fun with top 3D graphics you can turn your kitty into Indian Jones for cats. Enter the time warp and get sent anywhere in the world for a little adventure complete with a ball of yarn and fishy snacks.

6. Kitty Jigsaw


No matter your age jigsaw puzzles can still be fun. Plus they help you train your memory. With this unique app you can have a new wallpaper every day just as soon as you finish a puzzle.

5. My Talking Tom Versions


You might not know it, but My Talking Tom is a sensation around the nation for such innovations as Tom clapping his hands to turn off his bedroom light and his ability to repeat what you say.

4. Human to Cat Translator


Interpretation of your kitty’s behavior has baffled humans for decades. Now you can talk with your cat with ease, just let this app translate your words into meows and vice versa.

3. Games for Cats-Laser Pointer


Don’t you wish that laser pointer would stay on so your fingers don’t get tired entertaining your kitty? Never fear there is an app for that. You can now play laser pointer with your phone.

2. Cat Fishing


A baffling game for kitties that will stay on as long as your cat is interested; its time they go fishing for fun with your iPad/tablet. It just takes laying it on the floor, an interested kitty, and a long battery life.

1. Twitkitteh


Ever wondered what your kitty might be Tweeting on your Twitter account? Now you can see it with this paw app for cats. Let them talk to their friends, you and anyone else who cares.

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